Google Voice

Google Voice Alternatives: Reasons To Switch!

Why should you switch from Google Voice?

The call and text messaging services offered by Google Voice are available for free on your smartphone. Although apps like Google Voice are ideal for individuals, they are not designed to be used by businesses, which is why, as they grow, they frequently stop offering free voice services. Our post will provide you with some information if you’re one of the numerous internet businesses looking for a scalable substitute for Google Voice but aren’t aware of what to look for in a paid app.

Why Online Companies Are Moving Away from Google Voice?

You have a number of Google voice alternatives to pick from, but not all of them are created equal. Here’s how to tell if you’ve discovered the ideal voice-based software for your company.

Google Voice Has Weak Administrative Controls

A variety of administration issues arise since Google Voice isn’t designed for several users sharing a single number. One is that Google Voice only notifies one user at a time. Employees aren’t afforded any privacy or protection in the event of a data or information breach because there is just one login.

As previously said, Google Voice lacks sophisticated features for team administration because it is designed for individuals. Purchase a business app that categorizes users by role and restricts access.

Google Voice cannot send Mass Texts 

Although limited in their capabilities, services like Google Voice are acceptable to us because they are free. A business, however, requires more functionality than what free software can provide. Otherwise, they’ll be bogged down with monotonous activities like repeatedly conveying the same message. Although Google Voice allows you to send a single text in a group message, it does not permit you to send many messages simultaneously, making it more difficult to acquire customers.

There Is No Shared Inbox on Google Voice

Large customer support teams need a common inbox to respond to consumer inquiries effectively. Nearly half of all consumers demand a response time of less than four hours, so even smaller teams that deal with a lot of incoming communications can’t afford to waste time moving between user logins and passwords. Not only are shared inboxes effective, but they are also safer. Each agent will log in using their unique credentials to the same inbox, so each decision they make is associated with their identity.

Lack of Productivity Tools in Google Voice

Because Google Voice wasn’t developed with businesses in mind, it’s not their fault that it doesn’t come with productivity tools. But this does not suggest that businesses should utilize its services when other apps that provide templates, lists, scheduled messaging, and automation are available.


Teams can send the most frequently used text messages more rapidly by using reusable corporate text messages, often known as templates. Teams can design and deliver templates that contain text, photographs, links, and custom data using a business text messaging app.


Teams can group their clients into groups using a business messaging app so that bulk, targeted texts can be sent to each group.

Features for personalization

In business texting apps, Merge tokens can populate templates with specific customer information. Teams can use this capability to send personalized messages to numerous recipients at once instead of one by one.

Schedules messages

 Apps for business text messaging also make it possible for teams to schedule text messages to be sent at specific times and dates. This speeds up the process of sending short SMS, such as chat follow-ups, order alerts, and appointment reminders.


Business text messaging software allows organizations to automate tasks based on message keywords, time of day, or both to help teams work more efficiently. Teams can save significant time using automation to provide after-hours responses or opt-in confirmations.

Integrations for Google Voice are behind schedule

Google products work perfectly with one another, but what if you wish to leave the company? You’re out of luck, I’m afraid. You must switch to a corporate voice app if you want access to other integrations beyond Google Calendar and Gmail. Look for chat applications, CRM platforms, OTT messaging, cloud call centers, email-based customer care platforms, and content management connections while looking for a new app.

Reporting Features Are Not Available on Google Voice

There won’t be any tools that make performance management simpler because teams don’t use Google Voice. However, performance management tools like chat exports, which let businesses exchange and examine conversations, will be available in commercial text messaging apps. To enhance customer service, look for apps that analyze and report business metrics such as resolution times, response rates, incoming/outgoing messages, and more.