Inbound And Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound Business Development
Appointment Booking

The process of curating a list of qualified leads and building up relationships to the point where you get that first meeting can be expensive and arduous, but it is also the most important aspect of being in business.

If only there were a way to automate the more tedious parts of the process and guarantee meetings on a monthly basis, business development people could focus on perfecting their pitches and closing deals.

NMAP CORP has discovered the solution! Augment your existing team or jump start your sales by leveraging an automated system that is guaranteed to generate high level meetings on a monthly basis. Combine with our call center outsourcing capabilities to handle any day to day calls and unleash your best and brightest in the BIG meetings that to close the deal.

Please note that we can guarantee meetings but not conversions or sales, your team must still bring their skill and charisma to the table. We only charge when a lead is converted into a meeting.

In a nutshell, this service includes:

  • Creation of an ideal client profile.
  • Automated appointment booking.
  • Digital sales strategy.
  • CRM / Calendar Updates.

The service delivers qualified meetings, it does not guarantee sales or conversions.

We do not take or attend meetings on your behalf, however we can set up an inbound call center to field incoming calls. We always recommend for you to put your best foot forward and loop in your team for all actual meetings.