Be Aware While Introducing Technology into Your Child’s Life

With a gigantic development in technology, most teenagers are getting inclined towards gadgets, whether it is about using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or television. Most of the children get their cell phones by the age of 11 or 12. According to the research, an average teenager spends around 8 hours of screen time every day, and that’s high. It means that this evolving technology has made them stuck to their screen. It is pretty much evident that the parents might get worried about their children’s increasing screen time and their inclination towards tech gadgets. Hence, the parents need to make their children aware of using the technology safely. To help you solve your concern, here are some tips you can use in introducing the technology to your children.

Apparent communication between parents and kids

With growing kids, communication is an integral part. If you let your child access the technology, you should be aware of what they are using technology for. There are so many factors that come along the play. First, educate your child about the pros and cons of using technology. You shouldn’t completely isolate them from technology. Don’t frighten them by telling them only about the wrong side of technology. Instead, it would help if you made them learn about how technology can help them out and how it can negatively impact them. Give them knowledge about the various aspects where technology can help them to excel, whether it is about learning a new skill or learning a new language. Also, communicate with them about other concerns such as increasing cases of cyberbullying these days, adult content and how easily technology can give them access to conversations with unknown people. Let them know that spending long hours of screen time can make them sluggish, inactive and uncreative. Don’t take control over your child but let them understand what’s right and wrong for them. Give them some time to realize how and to what extent it is healthy to spend time on these tech gadgets.

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Provide your kids with the right gadgets

Being a parent, it is your responsibility to provide your kids with the right gadgets. Make sure that you are allowing the right kind of gadgets inside your home. The gadgets your kids are using should have restricted accessibility. This way, they will be safe from irrelevant content. Unrestricted accessibility can lead them to search about irrelevant content out of curiosity. Moreover, many devices can help you monitor the activity of your kids, and it will help you keep a close watch on the actions of your child. Make them learn about respecting and protecting personal information. This will keep your kids safe, and they will also get used to the new world of technology by using gadgets with restricted accessibility.

Safety measures all around

It is challenging to handle the young kids, but you can easily take care of their intrusion and protect your family with proper safety measures. Nowadays, there are many streaming services where adult content is available for free or for paying few bucks. It is straightforward to get access to such content by signing up and paying them for these services. You might never find out what your child is upto. So, make sure that you enable the parent control over such apps. Don’t give your child access to your bank account details because you never know when they empty your whole bank account. Always put passwords on your own devices as well. Make sure that your child has access only to the content relevant for their age. Even if a child spends too much time on games having paid features, put restrictions and parent control on such apps. You can also download some apps which will immediately shut down the device if your child has crossed the restricted time limit of screen usage. Doing this will control your kids from getting addicted to screen.

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Setting up the boundaries and limitations

Even after applying all the safety measures, you should set some technology-related boundaries for your child. You can limit their use of screen time according to their age. Children less than eight years of age don’t have much to do with technology. You can limit their screen time to 3 to 5 hours weekly. Young teenagers should be encouraged to practice healthy tech habits. Educate them that they shouldn’t waste long hours chatting. Studies also recommend that it is good to avoid screens while sitting at the dining table and during family outings. To have a good quality sleep, studies have suggested putting away your smartphone 1 hour before bedtime. This is not just to limit the use of screens. These are considered to be healthy tech habits that growing children should learn and develop within themselves.

So, in order to introduce healthy and safe technology habits, parents must consider following these tips. First, keep the communication open every time so that your child doesn’t face any problems. Ensuring that your kids are using kid-friendly gadgets along with the limitations and boundaries set for them will be safe for them, even if screens are their fingertips away.