Should you blame the technology for the fading excitement around remote work?

If you don’t feel normal these days, you are probably normal. The past year was so crazy. Covid 19 turned everything upside down. People were forced to work from home since employee safety was on the top of the list for all the companies. We all can’t help but think about the aftermath of Covid, that is, the bad consequences.
Though we should remember that technology is still present to help us continue with our Work, many software tools like connectivity, cloud and collaboration played a significant role in helping us fit in the new scenario. People enjoyed working from home. It allowed them to be able to spend more time with their friends and family. They could wear their favorite pair of shorts and work from wherever they wanted you. Thus, as a result, productivity increased tremendously, and Zoom became prevalent.

But if we come to think of it, then the harsh truth behind this superficial façade becomes visible. People are going to forget the loss and focus on the initial benefits. The fact is that most people are not working from Greece and enjoying while doing Work. The truth is the opposite. People had to convert their living rooms and kitchens into home offices. They had to juggle between handling work and babysitting their children. They got paid less for working more. The people felt so tired and stressed. The physical and mental health deteriorated badly. Even though the amazing connectivity tool made it easier but now people want to get to work back into the office, in their chairs.

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But how can even the best connectivity tools help us not feel anxious because of the in-person interaction in the office? The truth might not sound different from your opinions if you have worked from home for one year. You probably know the hazardous effects it can have. But there is this one thing that we have learned well, which is that remote models cannot, in any case, replace the workplace where employees have worked all these years. Technology may give us the feel of an office a bit, but it can not replace a modern office.

Other than the above-stated negative outcomes, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise as well. The companies have thought of improvising their offices through the help of advanced technology in Commercial Real Estate. The owners and teams understand the urgency of the consumer’s needs by keeping in mind the new consumer approach. They are finally taking pointers from the retail as well as hospitality industries. However, despite being of great help, it has also given rise to certain problems.

Remote Work is the only choice we are left with within the pandemic. The technology used in the physical office to provide employees with more flexible workplace policies is of no use now. Now, you may think that working remotely is like a dream come true to those who had to work in an office, sitting in one chair for several hours. You may think that remote Work has provided employees with a lot of flexibility.

The truth is entirely different, though. We should remember that every business is different from the other. Hence, each business has different needs and varied requirements. So, this is why shifting to a remote place for Work can cause many problems to many businesses. People may not realize it now, but sooner or later, the truth will hit them on the face real hard. This may take quite a few years, though. It is like a paradox. What may sound very advantageous for one person can be tremendously disastrous for the whole economy or community. In short, erasing the physical office workplace from people’s lives can prove to be a cause of major imbalance. We are not just replacing it from the Work from the home method, but we are replacing it with remote Work along with real human and more financial costs.

Now, this must arise a question in your mind about proper financial and extra-human effort compensation. Increasing the remote work options may increase the chances of an employee moving to less expensive areas. The employee may transfer to a whole new different state due to favorable circumstances over there. Hence, discussions and heated debates are increasing about the topic “compensation.” This even makes us dubious about whether a person living in a small town is paid less than the employee working from New York. Also, will the company be benefitted from such huge national and even global coverage? Will the company be able to fight for global talent.

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Many employees are going to be worried about the compensation payments. It is going to be on the top of their list. Employees won’t be willing to work or fully adapt in a fully remote work environment due to their increased expenditure. A remote workplace even requires proper support from the company. Therefore, a company should make sure to reserve the compensation through their internal policies properly. At last, I would like to say that companies or employers should adhere to the needs of their employees. So that they don’t feel as if they are not part of the company. They should be provided with reassurance, and their doubts and insecurities should be taken care of so that they can work without any stress.