About Us



NMAP CORP has a strong history of recruitment, and over the years we have expanded our focus to include Application Services and Remote Workforce Enablement. In the process we have developed the team and tools to staff any type of position. We look forward to taking on new challenges, meeting new people, and fulfilling the career opportunities of the future that haven’t been invented yet. Our team at NMAP will help you improve business performance, turning risks into opportunity, help you develop strategies and enhancing value & that is our core belief.

NMAP’s Team is talented, diverse and dedicated. With our offices in the USA, India, Manilla and further expanding, we are literally available 24 hours per day. The common denominator is NMAP’s commitment to meeting needs and exceeding expectations.

The mission at NMAP CORP has always been, and will always be, to make the best possible connection between candidates and employers.