Tips for more effective meetings via skype & other apps

Conducting remote meetings has become a vital part of workflow alongside becoming the only way to communicate with teams worldwide. For conducting effective meetings, one must set the priorities first. Furthermore, a clear direction on the next-steps must be mentioned alongside a proper agenda and limited attendees.

Skype and other such communication tools have made lives considerably easy and focused. However, any tool could become useless if the process is not managed effectively. We must respect everybody’s time and make sure that a professional and well-directed meeting is organized.

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Whether you use Skype or other video-based tools like Zoom, Hangouts, Meet, or UberConference, a few tips can help you have an effective meeting each time:

1. Be punctual

Time is precious, and we must ensure that we make the best use of it. The entire team must join in over for a call on Skype or other such tools in time or five minutes earlier. Ideally, the people should join in earlier to test their technical connectivity so that the meeting always starts in a fixed time. Moreover, setting a 45-minute long session does not mean you require to use the entire period. Please stick to your schedule and get it done. Set the boundaries and get rid of poorly organized people.

2. Make sure you have a clear purpose.

The meeting should be scheduled well in advance, and you can use tools such as Google Calander, stating a clear purpose. Moreover, set an agenda for the meeting, which you can mail it to the attendees beforehand. A clear agenda specifies the forum’s structure and helps guide the people, so they come prepared. Lastly, make sure you have a single platform for communication so that each attendee responds or shares information via one channel.

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3. Be professional

Remote meetings should be held in a way where people do forget the small-talk such as their leisure plans, or what they did over a weekend, etc. Despite sharing a friendly bond, meeting time must be reserved only for a professional conversation or discussion. The rest of the world can be discussed while you have private conversations. Meeting time demands you to stay focused and potentially finish as soon as possible, following the set agenda.

4. “Too many cooks” might not always be necessary.

Make sure you invite only those who are needed. Your meetings should be specific, and thus invitation should be given to only those relevant to the discussion. However, if required, the entire team can also be addressed.

5. A quiet location and headphones are a must!

Consider a location that is least noisy so that you do not disturb the meeting. There could be background distractions that shift the focus. Do use the mute button when you are not speaking and stay mindful of any noise you are making while you are in a meeting. Moreover, headphones offer effective listening, and the in-built microphone helps you state your opinion clearly. Also, consider ones that are suitable for a professional meet.

6. Screen-sharing

Ensure that you share the screen appropriately, and your browsing history or other irrelevant things should not be shown. Keep every detail organized and be professional.

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7. Maintain grooming standards and stay relaxed.

Grooming reflects a professional attitude, and a fresh face always leaves a positive impact. Moreover, make sure the background is additionally presentable. Meetings do not mean you need to work hard or stay stressed. Be prepared and stay focused alongside staying relaxed.