How to write an effective business email?

Writing emails to attract customers is way different than writing to your family members or friends. Creating business emails requires maintaining a professional tone alongside making it warm and friendly.

The following tips will help you write business emails effectively:

  1. Do not forget to greet

Always greet the recipient in a brief, warm and friendly way. If possible, write the name of the recipient, making the email personalized. Such gestures draw more considerable attention, and your email seems more real. The recipient will get the impression that you have taken out time for him, and it is not a random email sent to numerous people.

  1. Make it short and crisp.

You do not have to write volumes as it is not a letter. Also, professionals do not have enough time to read through long emails. Write to the point, stating the necessary details. Make sure you write essential information and do not dwell on the same point.

  1. The subject line is the first impression.

Have you deleted messages because it did not have a subject line? Have you ignored messages by just seeing the subject line? Well, it is not required to mention how vital a subject line is. If your subject line is not effective, your proposal or information will not be conveyed to the concerned person. Your email is likely to get deleted if your subject line is not crisp and clear.

  1. Maintain a professional tone

Communicating through emails is way more difficult because the reader cannot perceive the tone of your voice or your body language. Therefore, you should pick your words carefully and not write in a way that could be interpreted in the wrong way.

  1. Cannot afford Spelling mistakes

Spellings may not be a big deal, and yet many people send emails without checking spelling and grammar. Perfection in spelling and grammar is essential to become a professional. You can make use of spell-check tools.

  1. Say “No” to emoticons.

Emoticons are cute but not professional. You can save such cute gestures, friends, and family, but it is not acceptable professionally. Also, avoid using acronyms and spell out.

  1. Avoid attachments

Try copy-pasting information if you want the readers to take a look at it. Unless specified, avoid attachments as it adds another step for the reader. Otherwise, you can add the attachment and copy-pate the same matter, leaving it to the reader.

  1. Do not capitalize on the body of the email.

You can use caps if you want to stress a particular word, although italics would be best. However, please don’t write the entire email in caps as it imparts a commanding impression. The email should never seem harsh.

  1. The closing line is as essential as the greeting line!

A signature closing should be included in addition to a warm greeting. For instance, you can add “Thanking You” or something elaborate as “Waiting in anticipation”.


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