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Sticky Bonuses Slot Feature Explained

When looking at slot machines, you will find a variety of different elements that new players will run into that may be slightly perplexing. It is beneficial, therefore, to know more about what these factors, symbols, or whatever they really mean, because it is going to enhance your enjoyment of playing slots like mermaid millions slots and provide you much more insight into what’s likely to help you succeed and what may make you lose cash. 

Among the items that will not be immediately apparent are the sticky bonuses, so we’ll go into more detail here.

What Is A Sticky Bonus?

When slot machines had been initially set up in casinos, they had what has been recognized as ‘cashable bonuses’. Whenever you triggered a cashable bonus, it meant you would be able to withdraw your winnings and the extra amount, whatever that may be, at the time it was won.

So you may think that a sticky bonus is going to be something very similar. All things considered, just how different could bonuses truly be? The fact is that sticky bonuses aren’t exactly the same as cashable bonuses – or at least not exactly. Even though you are going to be able to win the bonus, you can only use the winnings for the playthrough of the game. Plus, the only winnings you can withdraw are going to be those that were won through using this sticky bonus. In other words, the casino will take the bonus back again if you win more. If you win £200 and the sticky bonus was £100, you’ll only be able to withdraw £100. 

How Do Sticky Bonuses Work?

Many casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players; the online gambling market is huge, and the casinos want to bring in as many people as possible to pay into the house. These bonuses can mean that the casino will match any deposit you make (up to a certain amount), or they might offer free spins or even free credit meaning you don’t have to pay anything at all.

But you need to be careful; you need to read the small print. Check to see whether the bonuses on offer are sticky bonuses or not. If they are, you won’t be able to withdraw that money, so your winnings will be less than you might think. These bonuses are effectively just there for players to play with – it’s not ‘real money’. In fact, reading the rules before you get too excited about bonuses in general is a good idea; some have maximum pay outs, for example, so knowing this ahead of time is crucial. 

What sticky bonuses are good for, however, is getting to know the games more with little to no risk. Even if the casino is going to take that money back again (not that you really had it in the first place, of course) you won’t have lost anything since it was given to you by the casino initially. So you can experiment more, you can dig a little deeper into the different games, and you can therefore find the kinds of games you like the most and can play those more once you have the hang of how it all works.

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