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Online Time And Attendance Software: Pointless or Practical?

Does modern online time and attendance software make sense for your organization? The answer can be yes and no, depending on your situation. The potential savings may make the choice worth considering; however, it’s essential to take into consideration the reality of our current economic crisis. This article will offer some suggestions about how to determine whether an online timecard system is right for your business.

In order to truly understand whether online time and attendance software is worth investing in, you must determine how much time, if any, is saved by eliminating your paper-based attendance systems. Some people may question whether a cloud-based time clock can accurately capture and record all hours worked in a typical workweek. This is not necessarily a problem, as most online time and attendance solutions allow you to set punching limits and capture timed worked down to the minute.


There is also the argument that using a timekeeper app will reduce the amount of time and effort spent on time-consuming tasks like manually filing employee timesheets or inputting work hours into a payroll system. However, depending on your business’s workflow, this may not necessarily true as there are many reasons why time should be allocated for these types of activities.

A second concern is whether or not modern online time clock software can offer any significant benefit over a paper-based system. While physical time cards and other paper-based systems provide useful information for many purposes, they can’t possibly contain everything. This is where an online employee time tracking software really shines. It includes all vital employee time tracking data in one easy to access system.

Another issue concerns the amount of time and effort that is required to update timesheets manually. This task requires a great deal of time and effort from both employees and management. If employees are required to physically file their work hours on time, they will have very little time left over to do other vital tasks. In this case, an online time clock solution will always outshine manual time tracking systems. Employees can access their account from any internet-connected device, review their work hours, and submit them to their manager for review. This allows them to turn their focus to more essential business matters.

One final thing to keep in mind when deciding whether online time and attendance software is worthwhile is if you have employees who need to keep accurate time records. With increasingly strict labor laws, it has become a requirement for companies to track employee work hours accurately. So while you may not believe accurate records are required, think again. Inaccurate time tracking can lead to significant fines and reduced employee morale, which can easily lead to negative customer interactions and lost profits.

To date, many companies have found that it is far more cost and time-effective to implement a modern time tracking solution. These systems do all the heavy lifting for you. They calculate overtime, track time off requests, remind employees to punch in or out, and much more. Such a solution can also significantly reduce the amount of time spent processing timecard information and process payroll manually.

Overall, while there is much to consider when making this type of decision, it is essential to understand that most organizations will find that online time and attendance software is always necessary. Without a modern online time and attendance tool at their disposal, time tracking can quickly get out of hand, and time theft will rise. Luckily, with time tracking software, you can take what was once a complicated and time-consuming process and make it streamlined and as efficient as possible.

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