This is how you can get internet everywhere in your home

Do you start to panic even at the thought of you having to face any internet issues? If yes, then my friend trusts me the internet has become a significant part of your life without which you can’t imagine a day. But you might have noticed that at certain places inside your house, you face a terrible network, as we like to call it, “dead spots”. Network connectivity is a problem in such places but do not worry. Here is a list of solutions you can implement so that your wifi’s network problem is not an issue anymore.

Change your router’s location

You can change the router’s location that has been provided to you by your internet service provider. To many, this might appear to be a raw solution to the problem, but it works. Try shifting your router to a central location and trying to keep it closer to the devices that need the internet to work. Wifi signals at times face cannot pass through the walls, and the connection might face hindrance if you have big fish tanks with water or a Christmas tree or even microwave can create problems. These are the easy steps you can follow to get an obstacle-free connection. If you are looking for more, you may use a connecting cable between the router and the wall socket and connect them to get rid of the wifi dead spot problems. You must know that the newer devices do not encounter any problems when it comes to the network, but old computers and devices might face it, so keep the older devices nearby to the wifi router.


Go for a wired internet connection

Most of us, more or less, are just dependent upon the wifi, but if you are facing trouble, then the weird connection is the solution to it. All you need to do is encounter dead spots at certain points; you can use the Ethernet cables and pins to attach the wifi through these cables. We know that a wired internet connection is less handy than wireless as it is not feasible for one to wander about with their devices if they have connected it through a wired connection. But with consequences comes its perks, and here the two significant advantages are security and speed. If you start using this, there would be no way to interfere with the internet signal and considerably less risk of any of your neighbors eavesdropping on your actions without any physical access to the router. There is an option for you to create a bespoke network that does not require a lot of money to be invested in setting it up.

Invest in a good quality router or repeater

If you are facing a wifi related problem, then you might want to contact your internet provider. Most providers will just ask for your basic details and supply or customize your plan; you can even ask them for a better quality router instead of the basic one they have provided. You can also ask them for more range and extra antennas.
There are now various companies in the game like Google and Eero, which nowadays provide mesh networking technology. This kind of network substitutes the typical single router most of us have at our homes with multiple devices scattered across the house. Once you collaborate with all these units, a new network is created out of the wireless signals known to eliminate any dead spots in your house. But before you get anything new, try doing a little research about the same so that when you buy the product in the future, you do not face any problems related to hardware. But the best option is that you should get your wifi replaced and done all over again. It is ideal for you to shift to a new place or if you are ready to change the setup completely. You can also go for wifi repeaters, but let us give you a disclaimer that you might face certain issues related to speed and the connection’s stability as this repeater resends the signal from the original signal and tends to lose some signals along its path. But it’s a cheaper solution as it’d make things easier for you given the fact speed is not an issue for you.

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Go for powerline networking

Powerline networking gear is not one of the cheapest but one of the easiest ways to get internet access in all rooms of your apartment. The electrical wiring of these powerline networking systems transmits the signal from the router to the other rooms of your apartment. A wired or wireless connection can be set up at the end of the connection. There is no need to drill holes in your home’s walls or ripping up the floorboards. Just plug in the adapter for powerline networking, and you can start using it. Nowadays, most adapters have a socket at their back that can plug in the other appliances. Even though there is no guarantee the adapters should also work in modern houses. It is advisable to do proper research before paying hundreds of dollars for this connection and buy adapters that can be returned easily if required. Powerline adapters are quite different from wifi repeaters; these powerlines can help you typically maintain a continuous high-speed internet connection and are appropriate for the places where the network’s speed is a critical problem. Since there are several devices that you can select from, you can get rid of the network problems, and choose from a layout that fits perfectly for your building. You don’t necessarily depend upon the powerline adapters; you may combine them with some of the other alternatives, as discussed.