Strategies to recruit the perfect match for a job

Strategies to Recruit the Perfect Match for a Job

Technology has made it easier to get applicants for any job you put out there. There are a lot of forums that  help connect employees with employers. Now, the question is, how will you recruit someone who won’t make you wish you did the job by yourself?

Successful recruitment strategies would help you identify, attract and employ the most suitable candidate for whatever job you are offering. Recruitment strategies are implemented in every step of the hiring process.

Below are some of the recruitment strategies you can implement:

  1. Skill analysis:

The first step you should take before recruiting is to identify the required skill set you need in your company. Find out which aspect of the organization will benefit the most from an increase in headcount.

Skill analysis will help narrow your search by identifying the particular skill type lacking in your organization. Skill analysis prevent overstaffing and fills gaps caused by lack of a specific skillset

  1. Create referral programs:

The employee referral program doesn’t get enough credit for its efficiency in hiring perfect fits for a job. The referral program leads to reduced turnover rates. This is because the people who turn up for the interview are almost always individuals who possess the skill set you are looking for and not just any random person.

A good thing about this method is that the reward attached to the referral acts as a motivation. Referral programs reduce the time it takes to hire and cost less.

  1. Employee profiling: When hiring the perfect candidate for a job, you don’t just cast your net and draw out whatever you get. It is safer to know your employee to a certain extent before you hire them for a job. Some tools you can use to profile employees are:
  • Social media profiling: Social media handles can contain a lot of helpful information about a potential hire. However, it would be best if you were careful while doing this because of privacy invasion policies
  • Personality test: Here, you assign a task or use a survey to determine employees’ personalities through their responses.
  • Psychometric test: This test analyses candidates’ mental capabilities and cognitive ability, matching them to the job requirements. It also gives an idea if the candidate will work well with team members.
  1. Compelling job descriptions:

An attention-grabbing job description is vital to the hiring process. Any job description you put out there should be able to grab the interest of the kind of people you look forward to hiring.

These tips would help you write compelling job descriptions:

  • Specific title: Your title should be a summary of the kind of job you are offering. This will help grab the interest of the most qualified candidates
  • Include your values: The job descriptions should include your company values. This will give the job seekers an idea of the kind of environment your work entails.
  • Intriguing summary: Provide an overview that will get the job seekers excited about the job.
  1. Consider past applicants or employees.

Suppose you are re-hiring for a particular position or post. You could check the resume of applicants that didn’t make the previous cause due to factors like a late application or other external factors. You could also consider re-hiring people who you worked with on a temporary job.

  1. Involve already existing employees:

Already existing employees would know what is needed to excel at that position they currently occupy. So you could either consult them on what to look out for or employ them to do the interview.

  1. Employer branding:

An employer brand is a concept that will set you apart from every other person that is hiring. It is why people would choose to work for you over others hiring for the same position.

Your brand should answer the question, “Why would someone choose to work for me?” Your brand should reflect the value, objective, and whole concept of what the job you are offering represents. Make sure that your advertisement aligns with your employer brand.

  1. Create a pool for talent acquisition.

Create a reservoir that holds the profile of everyone interested in your organization. This pool should include people who had applied for jobs earlier but didn’t get it. They might be perfect for another role in the company.

A pool of these profiles acts as a safety net to help prevent wasting time on the talent acquisition process. It also gives room to passive candidates. The talent pool promotes your employer brand.

With these strategies, your employee recruitment process would be made a lot easier. Getting the perfect match wouldn’t be such an impossible feat anymore.

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