Role of automation in jobs

Role of automation in jobs

The impact of Covid-19 has changed the whole world. Concerning their safety, people are moving more and more towards automation. It has fundamentally transformed every aspect of life. It has made the life of people better, cheaper and more accessible. However, automation is known to destroy employment opportunities as well. It causes an impact on job opportunities in a balanced way. The establishment of new technology often creates as well as destroys job opportunities. The critical question is whether automation will overall create job opportunities or destroy them.

Technology has the ability to boost job opportunities. If it destroys one job in return opens up two new opportunities. Thus, can be considered as a great opportunity for people. It enables people to explore new opportunities and maximize the benefits. Well, job creation is not the only thing that matters. How many labours will be able to earn also matters a lot? Here is a simple estimation of how much will you be able to earn from the job created by automation.

Estimating the value

Wages depend on the requirement of specialized skills, demand of that skill in the market and supply. It rises with an increase in skills because there will be only fewer people who have the skill and can serve you. This is the reason why a railway driver earns more than a truck driver because their work demand higher skills and very few people are familiar with that skill. Chemists, plumbing, carpeting, electricians require comparatively fewer skills and hence are paid less.

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The wages of the workers also depend on various factors. For example, computer specialized workers are highly demanded alongside automation. They receive almost 10 to 15% more than any other computer-illiterate counterparts. Technological progress in recent years has comparatively increased the demand for IT professionals. The development of technology has led to an increase in the demand for professionals who are skilled in handling complex computer problems and technological things. It may seem charming, but development is still required in this field.

Automation has caused destruction as well. Labourers who were displaced from their job due to automation of their jobs are condemned to compete with other jobs that have not been automated yet. This has drastically decreased the demand and wages of labourers, increasing the competition between them. 

However, this is not the complete picture of the impact of automation. When inspected closely, the transportation sector also plays a major role. Transportation is a huge sector where a lot of investment is made and technology is changing every day. For example, a normal pilot receives up to $2,000 annually while a pilot who drives at night as well receive higher wages than a normal aviator. Night flying is considered quite dangerous and require special skills. Thus, those who are specialized in night travel always get higher priority and wages.

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As technology improved, the air traffic system has also improved to become more mature, reliable and accurate, resulting in a decrease in the demand of skilled and temperament required to manage the task. Hence, there is no need for any specialise labourers who will demand higher wages as compared to a normal pilot. 

Earlier, the demand for cab drivers was higher. The reason behind this is people who want to become cab drivers need to know the encyclopaedia of streets and roads of the city. But with advancements in technology, powerful apps and GPS systems allow knowing the city’s major and minor streets and roads. So, there is now no need of skilled cab drivers and as their skilled decreased, the availability of labourers increased dramatically. And, the overall result was that the income of cab drivers decreased. 

However, this decrease in skills has proved to be a positive thing as well. It has created employment in a large amount. Also, the development of car suppliers like Uber, Ola, etc has created many vacancies in-cab driving. It doesn’t mean there is no need for comprehensive mastery because they are still demanded in the corporate sector to assist those who don’t want to take risks in a new city. Limo companies also trust more people than technology, not because they are not efficient. Instead, driver can apply their common sense by scanning the road. You can also know about the place, landmarks, streets names and routes options. 

Be careful

Technology has both construction and destruction power. You can earn a lot with the help of technology. Also it can even snatch your livelihood from you. It also creates job opportunities that are known to pay higher wages. If the job is simple and can be done by anyone, the wages will be medium range. This will increase with the increase in market demands and skills required. This will fluctuate with a fluctuation in market value. 

No doubt technology is a fantastic thing but considering that technology can change the value of a person can’t be right. Autonomous doesn’t mean human-less. If technology fails, the owner will have to hire the same labourers who were fired in the name of new technology. Remember, technology can work only over commands. It cannot replace the need of human beings.

Automation is a suitable option for places that are risky and involve life threats. It will dramatically decrease the threats common in different sectors. Automation taken positively can revolutionize the whole working industry, opening up an entirely new batch of efficient and intelligent labours.