Are employees going to work from home more?

Lee now has extra time to spend with her 5-year old daughter, and according to him, its one of the many benefits of ‘work from home’ culture. Until COVID-19 Pandemic, work from home wasn’t a part of corporate work culture. But the outbreak changed everything and the question that stands today is – Are employees going to work from home more?

Through this blog, we will try to find an answer, but it is not confirmed if everyone reading it will agree. In the first look, it seems that work from home is a temporary effect of the pandemic but with almost everyone around the world witnessing its advantages, have now started to think whether or not they should continue working from home after the epidemic is over.

While working remotely gives some emotional wellness and different advantages, the “work” as we probably are aware it may never be the equivalent. Gatherings, in-person gatherings, and even handshakes may be considered not worth the danger of contamination. What may rise is a future where results-situated loners win while the individuals who blossom with vis-à-vis associations and workplace issues bungle. In the post-pandemic work environment, geeks may get their vengeance.

Work From Home – Forever or not?

As much as it sounds cool, there are certain disadvantages to work from home. For instance, earlier when people used to go to office and work, there used to be a high octane interaction between people, but now that people are working from home, this interaction has only reduced to zoom meetings. Video calling can never fulfil the gap in social interaction. At one people, each individual feels the need to interact with his or her colleagues physically.

At the point when individuals get certain advantages from their occupations, they will in general value those advantages more than they used to, as indicated by research. Labourers may oppose being yanked once again into workplaces after they’ve found it tasted the delight of never have to change out of their pyjamas.

Ergo, the question remains – Work from home – Forever or not?

Not only a sociological impact but many domains associated with corporate work culture will be affected. From your mess workers to office real estate, there will be a massive shift if work from home is allowed forever. This is going to be messy, and a mess is something you don’t want to clear when a pandemic has just ended.

A few organizations have already been working to make things easy for their employees. For instance, a few of them are allowing employees to bring their newborns to their workspaces. As opposed to occupying individuals, the nearness of the infants in the workplace made employees more joyful and increasingly productive, as per news reports. What’s more, a recent report found that a half year after labour, ladies who came back encountered a factually massive decrease in depression, contrasted and ladies who’d returned into the workplace.

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