Some of the Best Tools for Online Recruitment

Some of the Best Tools for Online Recruitment

There is no doubt that one crucial aspect of growing a business is by attracting and hiring the best talents to work for you. The recruitment process can, however, take up a lot of time and resources, from placing job ads and building your brand to writing job descriptions and conducting interviews. In today’s world of technology, it is only right for a company to explore the option of online recruitments. This is where the use of online recruiting tools comes in. These tools are used to help in the automation and streamlining of a hiring process. They generate interests, screen resumes, conduct interviews and hire qualified candidates. There are several online recruiting tools to choose from, and depending on their application, they can be used for testing & assessment, applicant tracking, social media management, AI & automation, job aggregation and onboarding. has compiled a list of some of the best online recruitment tools your company can use to achieve top-level efficiency during the recruitment process.


This is a job description and candidate feedback tool used by companies and recruiters to create application forms tailored to suit a specific position. JobScore has a questionnaire process that designs templates for each department to customize for their needs.


This is a tool for assessing work performance, intelligence and a candidate’s level of education by managing their responses to prototypes of real work. It features aptitude testing, candidate and communication management, a question library, customizable tests and automatic grading.

The Applicant Manager

This is a job aggregator tool that provides services on database management and maintaining compliance with disability, EEO (equal employment opportunity) and talent acquisition support. As an aggregator tool, they serve as a resource for companies to post about job openings and for job seekers to also search for jobs all in one platform.

Breezy HR

This is an applicant tracking end-to-end recruitment software package that offers services like; sourcing, scheduling emails and messages, team collaborations, job postings and candidate management.


This platform sources for top candidates by streamlining the entire process from the very first call or email to following and integrating with ATS/CRM software. They ensure that companies receive analysis strategies by utilizing AI technology and sourcing tactics.


A social media management tool used to create comprehensive campaigns, listen to conversations, publish scheduled content and build relationships with targeted candidates.

Zoho Social

This is another social media management tool where companies can publish, collaborate, message candidates, schedule and monitor posts all while analyzing metrics. They also feature live streaming and integration with the Zoho CRM system.


This is a platform for bringing businesses and candidates together. Here, the candidates can learn more about the companies they are applying to and share ideas.

Live Agent

This recruitment tool uses a chatbot to serve as a cloud-based help desk software for potential applicants to connect with companies and ask questions before starting an application process.


This tool features a well-designed video interview platform, including audio interviews. It also boasts customizable video templates, structured digital interviews and automated referencing.


This is an online recruitment tool used to pre-screen and assess a candidate’s personality and skill set before recruiters decide to conduct in-person interviews. It features completely customizable tests by the employer. It is a time-saving tool and can help improve hiring outcomes.

Applicant stack

A recruitment process doesn’t just end once a candidate is hired. The recruiter still has the job of properly integrating the new hire into the company. Applicant stack is a great tool that supports the entire process of on-boarding, from background checks and E-signing of state and federal forms to EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

The Dos And Don’ts Of The Recruitment Process


A recruitment process doesn’t have to be too much of a hassle if you utilize the right tools. Instead of using the conventional recruitment process alone, why not implement some of the above online recruitment tools to make things easier. These tools are advanced and do not only save time but give you better assess to top candidates. However, when using online recruitment tools, ensure that you only go for tools possessing features that suit your recruitment goals.