How jobs of future would look like?

Have you heard about Artificial Intelligence or AI? In simple words, AI is one of the modern technologies making machines capable to mimic or rather perform various tasks that previously required human efforts. This form of technology is not as simple as it sounds but it definitely makes our work easier and saves time. In one of the TED talks, Andrew McAfee spoke about how the jobs would change in the coming years and how we can educate the generations to get them.


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Are you aware about the recent advancements that have already taken over human requirements? Is it disturbing or overwhelming? Do you think that the droids or AI could take away your earnings? Do you fear the future thinking about the life where robots would manage maximum tasks? Andrew feels that in the upcoming years, we will come up with inventions or innovations that would seem like a science-fiction. Robots will develop initially to replace the monotonous and protocol-oriented jobs. We will be pushed to become more creative and rational. On the other hand, leisure time and enjoyment space will increase. 

Further, try to contemplate on a few issues. Think about the opportunities that would be lost with the development of new technologies or algorithms. What sort of jobs will they take over? If we critically analyze, the work that lacks originality and is mostly based on a specific process can be pre-programmed. The entire job might not be replaced but parts of it can be mechanized and you don’t have a place there! Many of the tasks performed by medical authorities, gardeners, bankers or electricians can be taken over by robots. In contrast, the world will always need creative individuals. Similarly, psychological aspects and extremely complicated problems need human indulgence.  

Most of the future jobs are yet to be created and hence, people need to be educated in the right direction. Opportunities have to be created at all levels and we must empower each other to rise in a world where change is constant. Flexibility and adapting to the situations is the key to survive in this competing world.


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Awareness of the future challenges is necessary and circumstances demand growth in terms of creativity and originality. We are certainly hopeful that the opportunities created would exceed the jobs taken over by droids. Simultaneously, we should make sure to educate the future generations to be innovative because the time to come is not for the ones who are professional. The future is designed for those who are ready to face the challenges and conquer the race of innovation. We will have numerous jobs but they would vary from the ongoing opportunities. The world is in a phase of transition where new regulations need to be implemented to match the pace of change and meet the demand of technological advancements. Imbibing humanity and developing digital intelligence is very essential to master the technology and make sure that it does not control you. 


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