The changing face of recruitment as of COVID-19

Covid-19 has unexpectedly changed the whole world. With the global authorities involved in coming up with a solution to end this pandemic, the economy is facing several consequences. With layoffs and companies shutting across the globe, the recruitment process will undergo a series of change due to Coronavirus. Here is how:

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As the virus is incessantly sweeping the world, companies are facing the challenge of managing its workforce, going remote, providing a safe work environment with more emphasis on employee count. While several individuals have lost their jobs, there are sectors like health and ecommerce that have fastened their recruitment phase. They need more employees. With health practitioners more in demand, the health sector is drastically recruiting new workers. Same is the case with food, grocery stores and other product delivery services as the whole world is going remote. In contrast, there are other companies like restaurants, travel agencies, and startups that are downsizing and closing their business because of the ongoing economic recession.

Hence, the face of recruitment as of COVID-19 is changing. And the pandemic will alter the future recruitment phase. The companies therefore, will look into the following areas in more detail:

  • Remote interviews: Interviews for recruiting employees will be conducted online using Zoom, Skype and other such software/ Applications. Skills, body language and communication can easily be assessed via video interviews. This will eventually be the new form of recruitment that will continue to be implemented even after the virus subsides. Remote hiring saves time and resources and companies will ensure a more tech savvy approach in the future.
  • More competition: With lesser openings and more layoffs, new jobs will have a huge pool of applicants. 
  • Flexible work schedule: As of Covid-19, companies are now entertaining a more flexible work schedule that has provided a better work opportunity for employees. However, as convenient as it may sound, work from home is not always a professional solution especially with kids around. Not forgetting the RSIs and the need to socialize and maintain work relationships that is easier when employees work in office. 
  • Recruiting marketing tactic: Marketing job opportunities has gradually taken the form of job boards, social media and other online platforms. As of Covid-19, these recruitment marketing tactics will increase and digital is the new norm.

Thus, Coronavirus has disrupted businesses across the world where economy is dwindling. Consequently, apart from a number of changes that companies are undergoing, recruitment is one of the most important areas of transformation. Businesses are now allowing workers to work from home making employees realize that companies value their safety. Although recruitment is declining on surface level, there are several sectors like health, where there is a dire need of workforce. It might be a little difficult for the companies to entirely go digital, but that is the need of the time. This will however, ease recruitment process, save time and help companies follow the global element of being tech-savvy. 

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