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When to take a break and when to power through

Take Breaks and boost your productivity

Do you always feel stressed about work? Well, you need a break. There are many who think that endless hours of working will help them complete more work. However, we fail to understand that our productivity is drastically decreased when we do not take breaks. Taking time-offs in between your work              hours is like a taboo.

Are you the one with a mindset that taking breaks means to be lazy?

Well, effective breaks are right for your productivity. Taking a break from a monotonous routine is essential to keep your stress levels in check. Moreover, one must keep in mind that taking breaks is not equivalent to shirking responsibility. In fact, a change is necessary to have the stamina execute in the best possible way.

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How do breaks affect our stress levels?

Our mind and body are pre-designed to tolerate and respond to short-bursts of stress. However, if stress is prolonged and the response is triggered consistently- as in a stressful job or routine- the person experiences chronic stress. Here’s where your health issues begin- from headaches and gastro-intestinal problems to high blood pressure. Furthermore, there can be a more significant risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

Therefore, vacations or just shorter breaks can help you get psychological and physical space and thus reducing your stress. Vacations bring much more than an environment that is not stressful. They give you a break from chronic stress so that we can restore ourselves mentally and physically to a place that is stress-free and thus healthier.

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Certain signs definitely indicate that you need a break!

  • Lack of motivation
  • Very Frequent frustration
  • Lack of energy
  • Frequently feeling giddy or fuzzy-headed
  • Stress leading to sleep disturbances
  • Mild health problems

Furthermore, unless you feel highly energized, excited, motivated, creative, and absolutely engaged at your workplace alongside your relationships, vacations are a great way to manage stress before you feel overwhelming.

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Taking time off work has a positive impact on Job performance!

While focusing on one work for a very long time, it is natural for your brain to get tired. Now if you don’t take a break, you might find yourself always staring at a mobile screen or computer, or probably just reading something. Returning to work after a break will make you feel refreshed. The prefrontal cortex of your brain is the center of motivation and management of your performance. At the time of your work, this region of your brain is instrumental in taking decisions, analyze information, and finish tasks. Hence, the longer you work without taking off from work, the more it is tiring for your prefrontal cortex.

If you feel convinced about the power of breaks but still unsure how to use them, ensure implementing a healthy habit. You can practice visualization, meditation, stretching, or simply a power nap during short time-offs.

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These practices will help you increase your ability to concentrate, boost your morale, and additionally assist you in recognizing your mistakes. Therefore, switch your tasks and ensure physical movements between your crazy work schedules to unlock the hidden power of breaks.


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