5 things recruiters should know about product managers  

A recruiter is one of the most valuable assets in a company. From filling your company with talented bees to keeping the juice flowing into the organization, the recruiter does it all. But the job isn’t easy. It grows difficult with every passing day. Out of many positions for which a recruiter hires, filling the product manager’s position is very crucial. To help for the same, here are the top 5 things recruiters should know about hiring product managers.

 Get all the smart people aboard

You can’t argue that getting hold of the intellectuals is a win-win for the position of product managers. Product management is basically regarding staying one step ahead and being on your feet at all times. To find the smartest in the room, it is crucial to have a few analytical questions ready to go. This is not about insulting the candidate but finding out what methods the candidate employee uses to solve the problem.

Strong technical background

Try to get people with technical backgrounds as your PM. Those with an engineering background will understand the engineers better while having a good grasp over the technical details that run the product. Furthermore, while choosing your next product manager, it is always to hire someone who has already graduated from PM’s post in their last job. This gives you an extra advantage as the person would have already gone through the adaptation period’s challenge.

 Trust the product instincts and creativity

Though a subjective matter, this one is significant. It involves finding out the extent of the candidate’s creativity to make the product great. Not everyone comes with innate product instincts. A few selective come with a particular that allows them to find out what will work for the product and what won’t. And that’s what you have to find out. For your next product manager, you must look for such people first.

 Full of leadership qualities

In any organization, product managers are usually leaders. However, they never have a direct line of authority, which means these people earn their authority. They lead by influence. For product management, the PM needs to have leadership and interpersonal skills.

 Understand multiple points-of-view

A product manager is someone who wears multiple hats. Their job often involves the ability to do others’ jobs yet smart enough not to do it. The best PM will always know how to channel various points-of-view. While hiring your next product manager, you will have to be attentive a lot and figure out the candidate’s smartness. A PM may be advocating one person in the room but questioning the other in the same. As the name suggests, a lot of management revolves around the product. Ergo, you will have to be extra cautious while choosing you’re the right candidate.

Every point discussed above is a result of massive research and a lot of discussion with the expertsAccording to Digital Authority, more than 40% of recruiters don’t look for many things and get the wrong candidate. Well, now you don’t have to worry because you have read our article!


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