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5 types of gifts perfect for new employees

Gifting your employees is always important. Apart from doing that on various occasions such as work anniversaries, appreciation days, etc., the most crucial is when they join you. To help you choose the perfect gift for your new employees, we scouted the internet and prepared a list of gifts that could be given to them. But before that, let’s understand the importance of gifting?

Importance of gifting new employees

Irrespective of the occasion, when you gifts your employees, their morale tends to boost. An employee is more than just some material tokens and expressing gratitude towards them shows that you value them as your employer. According to a survey, it was found that gifts given to employees shows the values of a company.

Below are the top 5 gifts you can give to the new joinees. You may already have the gifts that brings smiles to the new employees but our list will make you pick one too.

Happy Hour Box

The first gift in our list is a box filled with goodies. This classic item guarantees as much fun as one could find at any local bar. The best part about this item is its ease and simplicity of opening it while getting everything to get started with an instant party. Priced at $55.95, this item includes Customizable delicious treats and even engaging icebreakers.

Asobu Cold Brew

Sometimes welcoming your new employees with something they can use for a very long time not only makes sense but shows how much you care for them. This portable brewer is their perfect gateway to cold coffee. While they are brain storming, a quick cup of coffee will always be loved by them. Get this brewer for a price between $56 and $83. And hey this one is customizable too!

Reusable water bottle

Not only reusable water bottles useful but they also show your organization values – the caring for environment. The best part of this gift is that they come cheap and last longer. Further, ensuring clean drinking water for your employees is a necessity as well as responsibility. Also, you can buy stainless steel water bottles in bulk as they come with no expiry date. How about that?

Hive Speaker

Music has brought communities together since centuries. So what better way there could be than gifting a speaker when it comes to welcoming a new member in your family. Your office is a family away from home and this little surprise not only brings happiness but shows your human side. Prices between $55 and $60, this is great gift for your new employees.

Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set

A perfect gift that allows everyone to sip and enjoy chamomile tea at their comfort. Gift this set and you can encourage your employees to have their own self-care ritual. Isn’t that exciting? What’s more, the set is available for just $50.00.

Now there are so many choice when it comes to gifts. However, we have put a lot of thought so as to why you should gift any of the above-mentioned gifts. Check them out and let us know what you think about it.

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