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Is it right to consider the reopening of companies by 2021?

One thing the world’s Google and Facebook don’t count on is a widespread vaccine or even a universal return to normality. It is wishful thinking to schedule a return to business as usual by July 2020. However, it is likely that a vaccine against corona virus will be approved by then. It remains uncertain how effective the vaccine will be and how rapidly and efficiently it will be developed and administered on a national scale.

Large businesses make timeline calls based on a number of variables, including competitor insights, consumer surveys, behavioral pattern analysis, and activity on social media. They also track movements of people using aggregated data from mobile phones.

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Companies who think they will return to the workplace safely earlier than July 2021 should not be discouraged either. Big businesses can afford to put out a genuinely long timetable.

For businesses with large workforces — which are more challenging to get back to the office on short notice — extending a full-year remote work policy enables workers to prepare better living and working schedules, particularly the school year of their children, before returning to a desk.

In other terms, when the July 2021 return is announced, many businesses factor in the time it takes their staff to re-acclimate to office life as much as they factor in the possibility of a vaccine. There are other business factors that could necessitate a reopening for these organizations in July 2021, even though Covid-19 has yet to be neutralized.

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Reopening the office sooner or later than July 2021 primarily depends on what the business objectives are. If you are worried about liability, or more concerned with sustaining your company than increasing it, it might be more reasonable to remain remote.

But on the other hand, businesses that need to reach face-to-face clients, or that rely on bringing people together to spur creativity, may be more willing to reopen their offices. Instead of risking the harm that could come from reopening early and needing to shut down again, several businesses are gradually getting staff back.

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For certain small companies, it would make sense to give up their office space and remain remote for the near future. Medium-sized businesses should track public-health data at the hyper-local level when weighing broader national trends.

Business owners should monitor infection rates and per-capita testing in their own neighborhoods through local health department websites or nonprofit services to decide when to start bringing staff back.

It’s suggested to contact the local department of health directly and try to build a partnership to get the timeliest information. Take the recommended occupational safety steps to protect workers.

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There is still a lot to be learned about how the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads and how to contain it, and as more details come to light, some businesses might be shifting their target for July 2021. A secure reopening is possible. We just need to take an approach that is steady and methodical.

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