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Is reliance on technology making modern hunters inefficient?

Modern humans are the descendant of the ancient ones inhibiting all the physical and sensory characteristics and capabilities. The skills are inbuilt and can never be lost. They are just immature as they are unused due to our dependence on technology. Humans today have 2-3 times developed brains than the ancient ones. They use their skills to develop efficient technologies instead of relying on fundamental and unpredictable senses to hunt.

Various weapons have been developed that can be used with no trouble and proficiently to get the same consequences as ancient time hunters. The highly urbanized technology developed by today’s human race is just an advancement of previously used skills and techniques.

Taking some examples into consideration explaining that humankind has not lost; it is just advancing and improvising differently and at varying levels and distinguished forms.

Hadza men from northern Tanzania are early risers and leave their camps daily, searching for food in the savanna woodland with wooden longbows and a collection of poisoned arrows. Most of the time, they are not rewarded with hunting pleasure even in fauna affluent areas, but they choose hunting from blinds over water holes. It is a real example of an altered copy and adapting to the use of lethal technology.

Another example resides in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa, where the prey density is less in comparison to other hunting grounds leading to fewer hunting occasions. Hunters here utilize their time in tracking the prey, making efforts to catch the animal due to minimal availability.

The examples mentioned earlier demonstrate that hunters have not lost their sensory capabilities for hunting as they are still expressed in a fulfilling manner. The sophisticated society doesn’t showcase such attribute due to the urbanization and modernization through technology.

Many traditional hunters’ communities still stick to traditional manners of hunting and are fewer inclines to technological use. They still prefer using longbows instead of compound bows or firearms as these bring back first-class elementary expertise and woodcraft. Also, they believe in retaining ancient traditions’ originality and not getting lost in modern ways.

All of us should understand the importance of both ancestral and modern techniques and channel ourselves accordingly by observing, practicing, preparing, and getting involved with gadgets. Both modern hunters and ancestral ones are capable enough to achieve the required results in their ways, but we must not forget our roots, and we must also not forget to evolve. Taking every aspect hand in hand, we must evolve. 

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