What should every recruiter know about CBD oil?

CBD oil comes with a lot of misunderstandings. From a lack of regulations to the false amount of CBD, there are various causes. Since it is associated with marijuana and has many legal grey areas, recruiters are often worried. But fret not, because we have compiled a list of a few essential things that a recruiter should know about CBD oil.

 Impairment doesn’t happen due to CBD Oil

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids found in a marijuana and hemp plant. No, it isn’t similar to THC – a chemical in cannabis, making the person high. On the other hand, CND offers the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without making the person high. Hence, as a recruiter, you can recommend using CBD oil for various conditions, including pain relief, depression, and anxiety relief.

Use of CBD oil is legal most of the time 

As per the Farm Act of 2018, CBD is now legal as long it only contains 0.3% or less THC. This legality is valid on the federal level. But various states have a different rule. Now, suppose you happen to in a state where the use of medical marijuana is legal. In that case, no punishment can be given to an employee if they are using CBD. But if that one comes from the marijuana plant, then it is illegal at the federal level.

 Drug Tests come Positive due to CBD Oil from Marijuana 

Although CBD concentration should not be more than 0.3%, there are individual states that allow higher concentrations as much as 5%. But suppose the CBD is from a marijuana plant. In that case, there’s a strong chance that a positive marijuana result may occur due to the THC content on a drug test.

If that happens, then depending on the law of your state, the individual can be allowed to prove that the positive drug test result occurred due to the lawful CBD use. Also, an individualized assessment can be conducted to determine whether or not CBD’s use would have any impact on the essential job responsibilities of the person.

 No CBD Drug Tests are available

Since there is no specific drug test for CBD, the matter even becomes complicated. But suppose the person is using CBD oil, which is federally legal. In that case, there THC won’t be enough to trigger a positive result.

 No need to accommodate CBD 

Usually, the use or possession of any illegal CBD can be prohibited in the workplace on company property during work hours. But under exceptional cases, such as a person with a disability who needs it may be allowed.


As a recruiter, be informed that you can tell your employer to discipline employees regarding the use of marijuana on a recreational basis. You can do that even in states that legalize it. But if someone needs it as a part of their treatment, then you cannot. But the use of medical marijuana must be legal in that state.


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