Tips on How to Expedite the Hiring Process

Tips on How to Expedite the Hiring Process

It’s not unusual for businesses or organizations to have a lot of vacancies. This happens most times during peak periods when they are overwhelmed and need to boost their staffing capacity.

However, recruitment is not an easy feat. It can be time-consuming, costly, and an arduous task. Therefore, the big question is, how do you expedite the recruitment process and make it relatively stress-free for both you and the prospective employees?

Here are tips on how to expedite the hiring process

  1. Consider internal candidates first

You may recall from the recruitment stages that candidates can either be sourced from within an organization or outside. While recruiting from external sources seems to be the order of the day, considering internal candidates makes the hiring process more efficient.

While hiring internally, there is less cause of concern about vetting or checking references and making sure that the candidate can fit into the organizational culture. All of that would have been already taken care of.

Also, recruiting candidates internally makes it less stressful and demanding to train newly promoted employees because they are already familiar with the business culture and how it works.

As such, making staff transition smoother. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can hire a professional recruitment agency to manage your hiring process.

  1. Make your job description as clear as possible 

To increase your chances of attracting the brightest and best candidates, it will help if you ensure that your job descriptions are as clear as possible. That means that you have to invest more time in crafting your job listings and descriptions. The idea is to be precise and be as detailed as possible.

While you are at it, ensure that you highlight the particular skills and qualifications required for the position. That way, you won’t have to spend most of your time tossing resumes that don’t meet your criteria in the trash.

Also, provide candidates with clear information and details about the work, so they don’t apply for the job and later realize they don’t want the job.

  1. Leverage phone screens in the recruitment process 

Before meeting with every candidate in person for interviews, you can save time by conducting phone screens. Phone screens are quick and easy to manage, and you can also seize the opportunity to weed out applications that don’t fit into what you advertised.

  1. Be strategic in scheduling your interviews

On average, interviews in the United States can take up to 24 hours per day. Not to mention that it could turn to a bottleneck in your recruitment process.

To avoid hiccups and delays in your recruitment process, you can bring every member of the HR team on board to conduct interviews within a week or two instead of spacing out the interviews and prolonging the process unnecessarily. By so doing, it also becomes easier to make informed decisions in record time.

  1. Keep your offer letter handy 

Sometimes writing job offers or letters can take time — it could take as long as a week or even longer. The problem is that such waiting time can make you lose your candidates, especially if they are impatient.

To prevent such unpleasant events from happening, you can have your HR team draft the offer letters and other relevant documents ahead of time. Then have them come back to tweak specific details if the candidates scale through and are offered the job.


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When it comes to recruiting the best hands to fill vacancies in an organization, time is always essential. The slightest delays can make you lose an important candidate. Consider the tips we just shared with you, and you would be amazed at how fast your recruitment process can be.

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