Keep this in Mind before Stepping into the Gaming World

Over the past couple of years, the career prospects in the gaming industry have been growing immensely, and there is a wide range amongst the possibilities. As per a report, this blooming industry will hit $2.8 billion by 2022 (India) with a CAGR of 40 percent. The gaming industry has proliferated, especially since the pandemic hit, inducing the boom. So, many youngsters are keen to begin working in the industry on a full-time basis. The thing is, many of us don’t realize that making a career and living in gaming is not only about being a game streamer or gamer; there are other avenues as well to select from VFX and graphics artist, gaming animator, game developer, shout caster (commentator for the gaming events), game producer, community or gaming events manager and a lot more. But to be successful at the end of the day, one needs to select any one of the roles mentioned above and put consistent and dedicated efforts. If you are looking to initiate your career in the industry of gaming, below are the five most essential suggestions/tips that might be pretty useful:

 Set the right expectations

It might seem like a career in the gaming industry are pretty lucrative (which is in reality), but one shouldn’t step on the gaming train just for the sake of getting famous or rich. Instead, it is quite imperative to do extensive research on your own to carve out the best career profile/path in gaming that aligns with your skill sets and passion and therefore suits you perfectly. Some time might be needed to figure this out with a lot of trial and error processes or else, but one needs to keep progressing anyway, and very soon, you will end with the perfect match that complements your skills. Also, one should not have undue expectations that this might become an overnight success in this particular industry. So keep driving and hustling with a long-term sight, and finally, fame, success, and money will surely come, and you become worthy of all.  

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Be serious from the first day

When you make your decision to be a professional in the industry of gaming, you need to be serious about your finances and attitude and be on your toes to invest quality time and efforts or even money (if required, then both of them as well) right from the beginning. Mainly, there are two varieties of professionals in this gaming domain: working in the gaming company like a job and the self-employed people working for themselves just like the gaming content creators and the ‘pro’ gamers. So you mostly have to figure out which part out of the two would you prefer to go in and make the next steps based on that. If you are an absolute beginner, it is recommended to get some hands-on experience working for someone first, and after that, go to start your brand/venture in this gaming domain (if you want to).  

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Priority should be your learning

The industry of gaming is considered to be the most happening one. That means you learn from it constantly, upgrade yourself with the new skills, and learn them. So, it’s essential to learn and gain knowledge to advance their career in any role in the gaming industry. When it comes to learning in today’s time, we have been blessed with many resources from YouTube to Google, and you can also take online courses on platforms such as Coursera and Udemy. These industries also provide us with the option of personal chatting with experts in the field of gaming. Gaming-related knowledge is given everywhere now. From schools to colleges, the students are provided with different courses and degrees. You have been given all kinds of resources and opportunities today. Now it is on us how we use these opportunities and make them count and how this knowledge and skills can lead us forward and shape our career path.

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Network building is important

If you think of evolving all on your own, this is not the case in the online gaming industry. You can always help your fellow mates who chose the same career path as you in a friendly and collaborative manner. It is good to consider gaining knowledge from these people who have the same minds like you. So, when you enter into this gaming field, you need to activate your networking switches. Today many gaming communities are made available to you, including Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They have done networking and socializing with people even easier than before. One can also join meet-ups, conferences, and events held for gaming. Well, networking helps you in many sorts of ways. It makes you ready to face the upcoming challenges associated with the field and makes you even more potent for the developments to be made or the trends.

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 Always dream big and start small

Till now, you must have gone through many learning materials and done a lot of research, and advanced your skills, and you want to get started with your preferred gaming career. But despite all this, have you ever tried to answer the most critical question of your short-term and long-term goals and what you want to do with your gaming career. It’s high time to do that if not done already. So, after all of this is done, get back to your job immediately. Start from the basics and take small steps first but do everything seriously to reach your desired goal.


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