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Things To Be Done To Kill Time When Stuck At Home

Today life has shown us the worst days. From social distancing to home quarantine, the past year has taught us so many things. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a point of time at home lose its touch, whereas earlier, we couldn’t wait to go home and relax after a hectic workday. Many during this duration are going through mentally unsettled feelings, anxiety, restlessness, and stress. To overcome such issues, one should always make themselves busy doing something creative to fight back during this distressful time. Below are the few methods which one can consider when they find themselves stressed, depressed, bored or anxious. So below, we will discuss the best seven things to do during these COVID-19 days and follow the safety protocols.

 Always discover yourself when it comes to food; try some fantastic new recipes

We can learn to discover many new recipes during this time stuck at home. Cooking and baking is an excellent source for keeping yourself busy and trying some brand new delicious recipes. One good online site to browse the recipes is Pinterest. This can be included as a fun activity to do with the family members and the kids to pick recipes for you of their interest. After all the browsing using Pinterest, we have listed below two fabulous recipes for you. From, we have Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake: This is a delicious sweet tasting recipe one should try. It is a chocolaty cake made up of peanut butter.

From Skinny Taste, we have Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken And Olive Tagine: One can use raisins in place of prunes to prepare this recipe. There is a slight sweetness added to this dish. You can make more of them and store them in the fridge and have them the next day.

Get Organized

You can organize your cupboards and bookshelves in your free time, which were needed to be done when you didn’t have time for them.

Taking care of your health.

Above everything, the most important thing to be taken care of is oneself. You need to maintain your physical as well as your mental health.

  • Warm the oil to be applied to your body and go for body scrubs.
  • You can also draw yourself a relaxing bath using bath salts and candles. To make the bath better, you can go through Cleopatra inspired bath recipe.
  • You can also consider DIY treatment for your hair.

Seize That Book You’ve Been Ignoring

There are many instances when we pick up a book and start to read, but we don’t finish it. Maybe you bought it last summer and thought of reading it while sipping coffee in the evening. Perhaps it was a gift you got, kept it away, and forgot about reading it. Whatever it is, you are like us; there’s one book you want to get back to. Especially everything going on around us, reading a book can be the best thing. You can submerge completely into the book and keep the stress, anxiety, and depression in check.

Start Journaling

Jotting down your feelings can be quite therapeutic, especially for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress. Journaling can be pretty healthy to cope with factors beyond our control. The benefits are far-reaching like:

  1. Tool for problem-solving
  2. Way to detach and move away from the chaos
  3. Can help in emotional release
  4. Mindfulness practice and self-reflection
  5. Trigger to kindle a creative spark

Ran out of your make-up remover? Don’t worry, make it at home

Grab a paper and pen. Ignore spellings, grammar, and the critical/analytical side of the brain. Few ideas to write about are:

  1. Write about things you are grateful for.
  2. Daily entries about events that transpired and how they made you feel.
  3. Writing about concerns/worries at the moment and also solutions to make you feel better.
  4. Writing about dreams which you remember after waking up.
  5. Creating a bucket list and what can be accomplished by next year
  6. Writing about joyful childhood memory and include the senses which were aroused.

Get Creative Or Discover A New Hobby!!

Find something creative and fun to do with painting, knitting, drawing, a vision board, making a scrapbook from old photos or taking photos, etc. It can serve as a great distraction, and also, you can get back to your past passions, which were shoved aside due to time shortage. If you are with your family, then having an “arts and crafts” day can be super fun, and everyone actively participates in it. It can be anything from making jewelry, scrapbook, or vision boards. Keep few resources like knitting supplies, art and scrapbook supplies, etc., if supplies are low at your end.

Start A Blog

If you like to help people and writing, you can consider opening a blog. Since the best way to get out of one’s mind and to stop dwelling on your problems is to shift your focus to something else and what’s best than helping someone. If you know something, something you excel at, your blog can act as a vehicle to support and help others who may be facing difficulty in that area. It’s the ideal way to channel your creativity into something beneficial, inspiring, and productive.

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Being stuck at home may not be an ideal situation for most of us; that doesn’t mean the problem has to be unbearable and painful. The point is to find distractions, activities that help soothe your psyche and help from an emotional standpoint while spending the time. If you are alone or lucky to have your family beside you, these seven points will surely help you get through the time with relative ease.



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