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Getting a Personalised Employment Pass Singapore

Singapore offers a lot of benefits when it comes to working here. It is easy to acquire a visa such as a personalised employment pass Singapore permit. Singapore offers easy work visa applications to attract more applicants. 

Singapore needs a large workforce because of the different businesses that are currently operating here. These businesses are from different industries such as and the nearing manufacturing food and beverages and even processing. 

That is why the demand for labor in Singapore acquires individuals with different skill sets. Singapore allows foreign nationals to apply for a visa such as the personalised employment pass Singapore permit if you are a professional. 

Aside from The personalised employment pass Singapore permit you can also apply for the 

E pass or the S pass. This work visa is intended for different foreigners with different backgrounds. 

Out of all the available employment work visas in Singapore the one that has the most benefits is the personalised employment pass Singapore permit. So if you on applications for this work visa here are the things that you have to know. 


The following individuals can apply for the personalised employment pass if they meet the following criteria: 

  • The candidate should be a current employment pass holder earning a fixed monthly salary of$12,000
  • Foreign individuals Working overseas who are currently earning $18,000 monthly. Their last drawn salary should have been within  six months before they apply

The personalised employment pass Singapore permit can be considered as an upgraded version of the employment pass. It offers more benefits that are why more individuals want to apply for it.

However, there are also some conditions wherein a current employment pass holder cannot apply. Individuals who fall under these categories cannot apply for this work visa:

  • An employment pass holder who is under the sponsorship scheme
  • A freelancer or a foreign national who wants to work on a freelance basis
  • An individual who is a sole proprietor partner or a person working where a director is also the shareholder
  • Journalist editor sub-editor or producers

Requirements when applying

When you fit the eligibility above then you can start applying for this work visa. Here are the requirements that you have to me to be able to apply:

  • The individual to not be unemployed in Singapore for more than 6 months. If you are a current personalised employment pass Singapore holder then your card will be canceled. 
  • You must meet the fixed salary of at least $144,000  per calendar year.

Individuals who have this work visa do not have to apply for a new past when changing employers. However, they would need to notify the Singapore Ministry of Manpower during the changes:

  • Starting or leaving a job
  • Changing information such as contact person or address
  • Changes in the annual fixed salary. Singapore choirs that all individuals declare their current yearly salary. 

Benefits of the personalised employment pass Singapore permit

What is the benefit of this work visa is that it is valid for up to three years. Among the other work visas, this offers the longest validity period. However, the personalised employment pass cannot be renewed after the expiration. 

Dispatch also allows the holder to work in any job sector. However, Singapore still requires these individuals to comply with the other registration requirements or documents needed to practice certain professions. These professions include those that are in dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, medicine, and law. 

As mentioned above personalised employment pass holders do not need to reapply for a new visa if they want to change jobs. The only requirement is to notify Singapore of such changes. They are also allowed to stay in Singapore for a continuous time frame of up to six months even without a job. 

In addition to these benefits, personalised employment pass holders can also bring their family members to Singapore. Dependent passes will be issued to spouses that are legally married to the holder. Their children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 can also apply for this pass. 

Common-law spouse is can apply for the long-term visit pass along with their and married handicapped children above 21 years old. Unmarried stepchildren under 21 years old and parents of the holder can also apply for the long-term visit pass. 

Lastly, there is no foreign worker level or quota required in issuing this work visa. Unlike the work permit or the s pass, Companies can employ foreigners with this kind of visa without having to consider the number of Singaporean locals. 

Other types of work visa 

Employment pass

The qualifications for this type of work visa are just the same for the personalised employment pass. However, it is more lenient as you can have a minimum salary of 4,500 when you want to apply for this.

A good university degree or diploma is required upon application. More skills and experience will also be demanded as this is intended for professionals. Older candidates or those who are already in their forties should be able to present more care than shells and more technical experience.

Employment pass holders can also bring their family members to Singapore under the same qualifications as the personalised employment pass. This visa is valid for 1 to 2 years and can be renewed for up to three years.

S pass

Foreign workers who fall under the midst killed categories can also apply for a work visa in Singapore. The s pass Allows these individuals to work in Singapore.

Interested candidates should have a diploma that is relevant to the job that they are applying for. In some situations a Singapore except a technical certificate as long as it is equivalent to a one-year worth of full-time study.

Individuals who are holders of this pass are entitled to medical insurance from their current employer. They can also apply for a visa for their family members.

Get your application started

Singapore offers a lot of benefits to all individuals. If you want to apply for a work visa then contact us today to know more. Ren Ai Group offers services that can guide you to apply for one. 

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