How to create website PSG eCommerce today

Singapore has a wide range to create website PSG commerce platforms to choose from. It has embraced these businesses, which have developed to become the country’s expanding economy’s backbone. The business environment in Singapore is diverse. As a result, Singapore has developed a reputation for aiding small and medium-sized businesses.

Singapore subsidizes the healthcare expenditures of these businesses through a range of incentives. Grants for the growth of online eCommerce can be monetary or in the form of PSG support. Because it includes IT solutions, the productivity solutions award is one of the most popular.

What exactly is PSG?

This is a grant that focuses on technology solutions, as previously stated. It was founded in April 2018 with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in their pursuit of success. It helps companies execute cutting-edge technological strategies and solutions.

Businesses may win technological solutions, equipment, and even consulting services as part of the productivity solutions reward. Its goal is to maximize efficiency while using a variety of industrial roadmaps. It makes it easier to create eCommerce websites and PSG apps, for example.

Up to 80% of productivity solutions are currently funded under the present approach. Until March 31, 2020, small and medium-sized organizations can create website PSG commerce platforms at the current rate.

The award, however, would be limited by the PSG grant eCommerce design set by your company. This restriction can be checked by going to the website for business grants and entering your current status.

Who are the most qualified applicants?

Many businesses want to apply for and obtain the Productivity Solutions Grant because of its breadth and worth. The following are some of the requirements to create website PSG commerce platform website:

  • To begin, the company’s Singapore registration must be completed. Furthermore, the aforementioned firm must be present in the country.
  • Furthermore, the company should be interested in acquiring information technology solutions for use in Singapore. If a company wants to establish a PSG eCommerce platform, for example, it must do so in Singapore.
  • In addition, the interested company must be at least 30% owned by locals. Annual revenue should be less than $100 million if the company has fewer than 200 employees.

The final criterion verifies that grantees or small and medium-sized businesses are indeed in need of help. If you meet the above requirements, you may be eligible for a PSG grant eCommerce design to help you create website PSG commerce platform.

What are the steps in the application process?

#1 Sign in to your account

Register for a Business Grants Portal accounts to apply for and create website PSG commerce platform. This first step will help you secure funding and a PSG for eCommerce site design and development.

To get started, go to the Business Grants Portal and select ‘My Grants.’ You can compare grant options by selecting the Get a New Grant button.

#2 Choose the relevant grant category and corporate distinctiveness

It’s vital at this moment to find the industrial location that best suits your company’s needs. Singapore will be able to undertake an effective analysis and management of your application as a result.


Technology, for example, is a critical organizational sector that demands modernization. This may necessitate enlisting the help of a PSG specializing in eCommerce web design and development. You must then select the ‘Pre-scope Productivity Solution.’

#3 Fulfillment in a suitable way of the qualification criteria

You must meet the requirements specified on this page to be eligible for the productivity solutions prize. Only if all conditions are met can you select ‘Yes.’ These credentials are the same as the ones listed previously.

#4 Complete the blanks with the information needed

You will then request your contact details and further information. If erroneous or insufficient information, as well as contact information, is submitted, disqualification may be applied. It is also crucial to include contact information for the application’s primary point of contact.

#5 Presenting a proposal

You must submit a proposal to be considered for the PSG grant eCommerce design and the launch of an online store. As a result of this website, it would be forced to pick between equipment purchasing and IT solution deployment. You must decide which of these solutions is the best fit for your needs.


You’ll also need to finish or update the specifications for the equipment or IT system. You can also select the vendor who will work with you to build your eCommerce web design & development PSG platform on this page. Additionally, you should upload documents such as quotations from the indicated sources using the Select files option. The appropriate deployment location must be identified when all of these processes have been completed.

#6 Expenses

You will be asked to list the cost of building your online website when applying for a PSG grant eCommerce design platform. This will help the Singaporean government figure out what graph is best for you.


By filling out this application form for the PSG grant eCommerce design, you can start building an online business. Remember to only provide information that is correct and up-to-date. False information could harm or jeopardize your company’s reputation and grant application.

#7 The project’s requirements

For agencies to consider the application, more information on the project would be requested. Your project’s total economic impact, as well as other project details, would have to be reported.

Many companies want to compete for the PSG prize for eCommerce web design and development in order to open an online store, but the competition is strong. The Singaporean government is in a position to ensure that all donations have a major economic impact on this industry.

#8 Double-check your application before submitting it

The declaration section is the last section of the application. Reread your application and complete this part. You will also be requested to fill out a permission and acknowledgment form. Click the submit button once you’ve completed examining your applications.

Submit your application as soon as possible

One of our dependable partner organizations might be able to assist you with this application. The Productivity Solutions Grant application procedure might be aided by Digital Solutions. Check out our services right now, and let’s work together to build an online store with a PSG eCommerce development grant.

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