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Incredible Recruitment Methods with their Genuine Examples! 

Accurate recruitment is a crucial factor in a company’s success. Learn these 20 best recruitment strategies to guide you in assembling an unbeatable workforce. Each organization utilizes different methods and criteria for hiring talent. So a specific innovative recruitment strategy might work for some but not for others. Many factors influence this game plan, such as geographical location, industry, company culture, and recruiting teams. This is why instead of coming up with definite techniques, we have compiled 31 examples of innovative recruitment strategies that are accepted and being practiced across the globe. Read away and choose for yourself what suits you the best!

What Is a Recruitment Strategy?

Companies often create a master plan for their recruitment process. This scheme focuses on a series of aspects like identification, recruitment, hiring, and retaining the best talent. Many techniques to attract potential employees are brainstormed and included in the ultimate strategy.

Begin from Basics

A strong foundation is always a necessity for building anything reliable and great. This is precisely what we are going to do now. Before exploring the intricate facts, let us revise the basics first.

Recruitment Criterion

To upgrade your recruitment criterion, review the present schemes and methods. It’s necessary to identify the features of your plan that can be updated to something better and more efficient. All these efforts will deliver realistic targets to your company and practical mechanisms to achieve them.

Enforce Recruiting Goals

Renovating your innovative recruitment strategy becomes a lot easier once you list all the incompetent characteristics of your strategy. For instance, exploring social networks around you may help you eliminate any vacancies that are present from long ago. Stepping ahead, you can even propose a referral bonus to the employees as a reward for recruitment.


Innovative recruitment strategies

Fundamentals of Career Page

WP Engine has designed a captivating career page. They have composed their content by mentioning crucial details like company core values, employer awards they have accomplished. Talking about the candidates, they put forward the opportunities they have in store for their future employees and the chances to know the company better themselves. 

Employee Recommendations Through Podcast

Turbonomic has devised a unique and creative way to deliver employee recommendations on its page. They chose the interactive technology of podcast to provide 10-20 minute long interesting episodes. Podcasts allow listeners to experience the emotion of an employee themselves, which you will not experience through written recommendations. Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent method to showcase an employee’s role in the company.

Provide Candidate FAQ’s

Often application process brings along a lot of trouble for the applicants. Different queries are concerns raised by the candidates before the recruitment team. Answering such concerns individually to every person consumes considerable time. Hence, Glossier resolved this problem by creating a FAQ section on their website. Now people can directly get their clarifications on the website and other much-needed information.

Communication Through Chatbots

As addressed above, applicants and employers suffer through the wastage of time by delayed responses. Intel resolved this annoying issue by producing chatbots. A chatbot is a technology where instantaneous information is made available to the applicants. On first entering the website, a chatbot will pop up immediately to ask you about your queries. You will receive your answers quickly by sending your questions, for the information is already fed in the chatbot. 

Non-Digital Career Page

Digital platforms are not the only ways to advertise for recruitment. Cameo has shown us the perfect example for this. With mini-billboards, the company has transferred their details offline from the career page to hunt the passive candidates. These billboards target the techies who travel in one of Chicago’s commuter train lines as they are planted at its different stops. 

Open Up to Instagram

Headspring has reaped the maximum benefits of social media through Instagram. By posting different events like team outings and celebrations throughout the board online, their team boldly flaunts the work culture within the company before the world.

Recruitment by Social Channels

Fast Enterprises enhanced its recruitment strategy by creating particular social media accounts for recruitment. Candidates can easily search up their recruitment handle online by typing @FastEntCareers. The account is particularly dedicated to job-relevant content such as recruiting events, employee spotlights, and open roles.

Show Off Your Current Projects

Klaviyo’s Engineering team shows us how simple writing blogs can also be used for recruitments. These blogs describe the progress of the ongoing projects within the company. The team offers an insight into the project to the efficient engineers, but they also display the fact that they are industry leaders. 

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Give Employees the Spotlight

Sift has derived the ultimate technique to offer employee testimonials. They encourage the candidates to learn more about their team on a deeper level, executed by displaying their role in the company and taking a step further by sharing their interests, hobbies, passion projects, etc.

Post on Medium

Facebook is one of the popular platforms for promotions in general. But what does Facebook do when they want to promote themselves? They move over to the platform called Medium. There are several departments in Facebook, and each one has its specific techniques and criteria’s to meet. So a single guide cannot possibly include all the deep details for the candidates. To resolve this concern, Facebook offers all the particular information according to the applicants on Medium.

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Start with the Basics

CA Technologies has shrewdly found a quick and effective method to attract desirable talent. They shot a 30-second short recruitment video, an interactive and impressive way to showcase the company’s values with fewer efforts. Further, the video can be transformed into an advertisement where candidates will be convinced to learn more by logging onto their career page.

Choose the Risk

While companies project the qualities of their work culture and environment on the public platforms, Social Talent chose the opposite path. Their recruitment video does not show why their employees love their job; rather, it is about why they hate it. This quirky method is bound to captivate the viewers, for people can’t resist such a reality check. But the catch comes at the end when you watch that most individuals don’t hate their jobs at Social Talent. They end up counting the positive aspects instead.

Job Alerts

Thought Works keeps applicants updated about the current recruitment situation in their company. They offer people to sign up for job alerts based on their preferences to let them grab their opportunity first whenever it comes. This is how Thought Work maintains vigilance on the efficient talent without being in the chase themselves. 

Open for All, All the Time

Zappos is known for its free-spirited and distinctive work environment does something similar to Thought Work. They ask applicants to sign up as ‘Zappos Insider’ on their website. By providing the basic details, you can be assured that you will be contacted whenever there is an opening as per your interests. 

Boomerang Employees

Usually, when you exit a company, you don’t expect to return to the same place again. But this is not the case with Kronos, which has a specific section named Boomerang on its website.  This section is devoted to the ex-employees who wish to initiate a new journey and career with the company. They also offer an insight as to why they accept individuals building a career beyond Kronos or why they permit them to return according to the right time and opportunity.

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Renewal of Career for Mothers

In our society, it’s common for individuals to face challenges renewing their careers if they took a break due to personal circumstances. And on top of the list of such people are the talented mothers who chose their family instead of their profession. Wunderlich Kaplan Communications specifically targets women over 40 through their externship program. With this program, Wunderlich bridges the gap between their former and future career. 

Let’s not avoid people with disabilities

An equal opportunity employer clause reassures that mentally and physically disabled people are invited to the company as ordinary employees. Despite mentioning this clause, often companies do not execute it properly.  For accessing this talent, you will have to upgrade your recruitment process and work environment for such individuals. An organization like the U.S. Department of Labor, Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, and SHRM may prove beneficial in this journey.