Head Hunter Vs Recruiter

Head Hunter Vs Recruiter — Know the Difference

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, there are several differences between head hunters and recruiters. Yes, you can land a good job or hire the best hands with both, but their job descriptions go beyond that. Why don’t we explore the characteristics that set one apart from the other?

Who is a Head Hunter?

Simply put, a head hunter is a professional who specializes in finding suitable candidates to fill in open positions on behalf of their clients. They either work as an individual (freelancer) or work with a recruiting firm. They work decisively to scout talents for their clients using different means and channels. They often work within a specified niche and may not be involved in the hiring process itself.

A head hunter is tasked with sourcing, screening, and recommending the ideal candidates for their clients’ consideration. Additionally, head hunters scout both passive and active candidates. Active candidates are those actively seeking job opportunities while passive candidates are those that are employed and not seeking a new job position.

Who is a Recruiter?

Like head hunters, recruiters source, screen and qualify talents. But unlike head hunters, they are mostly involved throughout the hiring process and beyond. Also, recruiters can choose to work on behalf of a company or client or work directly with the end-user seeking talents. If working for a company, they are often positioned in the company’s Human Resources (HR) department and are addressed with associated job titles such as People Manager, Talent Acquisition, Internal Recruiter,  and Talent Selection.

The Major Differences Between a Head Hunter and a Recruiter

We’ve established that recruiters and head hunters have similar job descriptions but they are also distinctively different from each other. Hence, highlighting the differences between the two is a priority. Here are some of the “real” differences between a head hunter and a recruiter:

  1. Direct and Indirect Roles

As previously mentioned, head hunters typically work on behalf of their clients while recruiters recruit directly for their employers. Head hunters work independently and are not obligated to stick with the hiring process. They only need to seek the right candidate and recommend them to their clients who will continue the hiring process. Recruiters on the other hand are actively involved in the hiring process. They are often part of a company’s workforce.

  1. Compensation and Remuneration

Head Hunters are generally compensated based on performance. They are not included on a company’s payroll and as such are paid commissions not salaries. In contrast, recruiters earn a salary as their role is corporate-oriented. Depending on the company’s payment structure, they may also earn bonuses along with their salaries.

  1. Skills

Since recruiters work with a company’s HR department, they are often versed in HR skills that make them qualified to source and recruit ideal candidates for the company’s vacant positions. Conversely, head hunters perform a slew of functions that demand several skills and know-how, with sales and marketing skills taking the lead. They are more focused on marketing their client’s open job positions to attract both active and passive candidates.

  1. Active and Passive Candidates

While recruiters mostly target active candidates, head hunters broaden their search to include passive candidates. Head hunters comb the length and breadth of the labor market looking for both active job seekers and qualified candidates with existing jobs.  They can create a means for their clients to land talented candidates who are already employed and are or not seeking better job opportunities.

Where To Find a Head hunter and Recruiter

If you are looking to hire a head hunter or recruiter, a simple Google search can connect you to recruiters and head hunters in your local vicinity. For instance, if you want to hire a reliable and professional head hunter in New York, inputting the words on Google, ” top headhunter in NYC“, will bring up a list of some of the best head hunters in New York.

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