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Find out all About some of the Best Background Check Software of 2022

During the hiring process, background checks are very important and necessary. This is why most organizations make use of an employment screening software to validate and verify candidates’ information like; education history, criminal records, financial records, past employment, medical screening, social media activity, driving records, and references. Most of these employment screening software help employers monitor the status of background checks as well as store the data and information regarding finalized background checks.

A number of software even provides employers with consultation support for creating tailored screening solutions. Although nearly every industry can stand to benefit from implementing background checking software in their hiring process, some specific industries are highly reliant on them. These companies include; non-profits, construction, health care, staffing, retail, and hospitality.

Some of the best background check software of 2022


This employment screening software provides users with a user-friendly HR and employee-driven payroll technology to enhance the entire employee lifecycle. This software uniquely features Beti, an industry-first innovative system for self-service payroll where employees can enter their payroll information and manage their benefits.

Paycom also has a self-service app where employees can clock in & out and easily request time off. As for pricing, you can get a price quote from the company based on your demands.


This employment screening software utilizes an AI powered technology to help its users run background checks so that their companies can make a safer, more informed hiring decision in very little time. Checkr also features a high speed and accurate product-first technology, which helps to establish trust between employers and candidates. It also integrates well with other applicant tracking software.

As for pricing, there is a free trial version available and any subsequent payments made are based on user demands.


With excellent reviews, GoodHire is another employment screening software that delivers an easy end-to-end background check workflow in the industry. It offers unique features that help HR teams get their background checks done at a quick and affordable rate with very little burden of compliance. The GoodHire software’s UI/UX feature is great and makes maneuvering through a task easy.

However, the downside to using this software is that its integration with other ATS software is not the best, and the pricing is a little on the high side (basic-$29.99, standard-$54.99, premium-$79.99 per report).


This affordable employment screening software can be used to carry out fast, easy, and secure global background checks. It provides both domestic and international background checks on criminal records, education, references, identity, driving records, and so much more, all in a matter of minutes.

It also integrates really well with other applicant tracking systems like Workable, Lever, GreenHouse, and Workday. It features an AI to improve the identity verification process with unparalleled accuracy. There is a free trial version available, and subsequent use attracts an affordable price.


This employment screening software is designed to support international and multinational organizations and other small businesses. A pro to using HireRight is that it can function as a stand-alone product and also has no issues integrating with other ATS products with broader recruitment features.

Employment Hero

This is an internet-based HRM system available for all industries and businesses of virtuallt all sizes. Employment Hero features features for recruiting, on-boarding, performance review , payroll, and time & attendance. It also features an auxiliary law firm that helps to HR policies and contacts updated. In terms of pricing, Employment Hero offers 4 different plans, namely, free, standard, premium, and platinum. You can take a look at their site for the respective pricing of these plans.


Background check software are useful for every employer in order to maintain compliance, improve candidate experience, speed up the hiring process and increase confidence in hiring decisions. With the above list of background check software, we’re confident that you will be able to achieve your goals of not only hiring the right candidates but also creating a safe working environment for your employees.