Web Based Recruitment Software to Consider in 2022

A lot of companies and hiring managers are going for web recruiting. That’s because a web based recruitment software can help simplify; the automation of online job advertisements, pre-screening questions and screening criteria, creation of personalized job-template, auto-communication, reviews & decline, tech-test, and the background check of potential candidates.

Web based recruitment software have the benefit of being customizable, mobile, and cost-effective with better integration and access to high-tech candidates. They also allow for better collaboration of recruitment teams and are generally faster, more secure, and easier to handle. There are hundreds of recruitment software out there. Below, Nmap-corp has compiled a list of some of the top software used in 2022.


With over 20,000 customers since its launch in 2021, Workable allows users to leverage its software for candidate sourcing, applicant evaluation, and automated HR workflows. It also offers a handy mobile hiring app, thousands of hiring templates, and an integrated video service for interviewing.

It integrates with other recruitment software such as Bamboo HR, HR cloud, ZipRecruiter, VidCruiting, zoom, Oracle HCM, and other options. Pricing is very cost-effective as they charge per job posting rather than per month.


This is a web based recruitment software designed by HR professionals to tackle the challenges of real-world hiring. It empowers both internal recruiters, hiring managers, administrators, and applicants. It has a texting feature which allows the recruiters to actively engage with the applicants using their preferred method of communication.

Another feature of this platform involves the placing of ads for company positions on job boards and social media sites. Pre-screening questionnaires can be created for candidates to help filter out the unqualified ones, so recruiters can focus on only the top candidates that meet the requirements. ApplicantStack is affordable with a free trial period and the starting price of $99 monthly.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an amazing web based recruitment software that features tools to help you with every stage of the recruitment process. An excellent choice for both small and medium-sized businesses, Zoho Recruit helps with everything from job openings to interview management. It features a career portal that can be easily customized as per your brand’s image.

Apart from its career portal, the system also provides email templates and automated workflows that allow you to customize and send responses automatically to candidates. Zoho Recruit is also very cost-effective as it offers a free plan with basic applicant tracking features. It also offers two other packages with a variety of features at a reasonable subscription price ($20.83-$62.50 monthly).

Some Of The Best Tools For Online Recruitment

Breezy HR

This web based recruitment software used by over 10,000 companies gives you access to a list of recruitment tools to automate, track and analyze the entire recruitment process. Some of its key features include; customized reports on every aspect of recruiting, candidates management, automated communication, interview scheduling and management, sourcing through candidates database, job ads, team access for collaboration, and a clean, intuitive, and easy to use interface.

The BreezyHR software is great for both beginner and experienced recruiters. Pricing ranges from free (Bootstrap), $171/month paid yearly (Startup) to $479/month paid yearly (Business).


This has to be one of the best web based recruitment software for recruiting customer relationship management (CRM). It combines both CRM and ATS (applicant tracking system) to help hiring managers to source candidates and maintain relationships with them throughout the recruitment process. Companies like Atlassian, Netflix, and KPMG currently use this software.

It is a great recruiting software for companies that often hire a large number of applicants at once since it is optimized for large volume hiring. The LeverTRM software can be integrated with zoom, ADP, GoogleMeet, DocuSign, and other business tools. Pricing is customized upon request from LeverTRM.

Bamboo HR

Also a web based recruitment software for small and mid-sized businesses. It is an incredibly versatile recruitment tool that gives users access to ATS capabilities, employee analytics & reporting, mobile hiring app, and on-boarding.

The only downside to using the software is that some users have found its payroll feature difficult to use. However, most HR professionals have thought that the simplicity of the software far outweighs any issues encountered while using it. It has a free trial period available, but for further use it will attract some costs.


Thanks to advancements in technology, companies can now revolutionize their hiring efforts by leveraging the best web based recruitment software. However before choosing any software, ensure that you conduct your research on which one has the best features that will not only fit within your budget but be most valuable to your business.