What Has Changed In The World Of Technology Today?

6 future trending technology and businesses

 The impact of COVID- 19 is lessening with the increase in vaccination. Our life is switching back to a normal lifestyle. The nature and requirements of the customers have changed after this pandemic. Here are the 10 technology and businesses that are likely to trend in 2022.

Impact on life science technology

 There are different components of the life science industry such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedicine, cell biology, etc. Recently, an increase in investment has been seen in vaccine technology and COVID-19 testing. For example – vaccines were developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Merck and Moderna. In the future, we are likely to see advancements in the field of technology – Artificial Intelligence technology, cloud technology, improvement of drug testing, gene technology, etc.

Networking and Interconnectivity

 In the current times, most people are working from home. So, the demand for a good Internet connection has increased. By 2022, there will be around 1.5 billion more internet users than in 2017, when there were around 3 billion. So, we can conclude that more than 50 per cent of the global population (assuming an eight-billion-person population by 2022). By that time, internet users would have consumed 4.8 zettabytes of data per year, which is almost 11 times the amount of IP traffic generated in 2012.

The 5G technology is still in process. However, an increased focus has been seen on the 6G technology in the upcoming year. China began its research in 6G in 2018. At the end of 2020, a satellite was launched to examine the terahertz signal transmission by China. Companies like Huawei and ZTE were part of this launch. America started its research on 6G technology with the federal communication commission for starting higher frequency spectrum for the experiment. In 2020, the Next G Alliance was started with companies on a panel like Apple, AT&T, and Google. Both Asian and European countries are looking forward to 6G in 2022.

High-Performance Computing 

Recently, data-based research and analysis and cloud-based computing have been growing tremendously. So, it is expected to see a rise in high-performance computing in upcoming years. In all kinds of fields such as a drug to space, there is a demand for high-performance computing. Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, etc. have developed quantum computing technology. Startups such as Zapata Computing, ColdQuanta, etc. have increased in the field of technology. It is expected to see advancement in quantum computing in the upcoming year. As the high demand for big machine power will develop in the coming years. We can predict the development of a large qubit in 2022. We will be going to handle commercial computing on a larger scale soon. Also, we can expect new findings in the upcoming years.

Growth in the field of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data analytics

Artificial Intelligence is a core part of our lives. We can say this because it has a bigger part of roles in the function such as improvement, personalization, recommendation of the products, rankings of the search result and controlling devices to build models for the automating industry. Organizations are using analytics to predict future trends. A report by Facts & Factors states that the analytics market is going to rapidly grow by approximately 25 %. It is likely to happen by the end of 2026 with around 22$ billion growth.

We can expect to see the expansion of cloud computing in the next year. Cloud computing will be widely used and many computer workloads will require the cloud. Campany like Gartner predicts that the expenditure on cloud computing to go beyond 400$ billion in the next year.

The demand for internet security and domination of privacy

The online world is advancing every day. So, the lever of cyber threats and attacks as well. Leading to an increased requirement of personal and organizational cyber security. In the upcoming years, all sectors of the world are going to face the cyber security problem. The cyber security field will have a lot of demand and needs investment for tasks such as educating the users about network assaults.

When AI is involved with cyber security, it makes the official procedure easier, efficient and cheap. With the help of AI, we can use cybersecurity to find the security risks and know the nature of cybercriminals. This way we prevent the future risk associated with cyber security and also save our time.

Rise of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual reality that has a combination of social media, online gaming, cryptocurrency, etc. The Metaverse is all the things that are connected to the internet. It also includes AR offering as well. The forthcoming digital space includes metaverse, giving access to entertainment & projects and a chance to work. We expect the metaverse to expand in all the facets such as entertainment, social networking, productivity, etc. Not only that. It will create a community for developers, apps, ads and innovation. The metaverse will promote convenience, consumption and ease to access.

Few companies are on board with the working of Metaverse – Facebook, Spotify, Zoom, Amazon, etc. It is estimated that the metaverse is likely to grow in many technological sectors such as – Canva, AR glass, AR speaker, zoom, digital currency, etc.

The rise in the robotics sector

We are seeing the rise of robotics in all the fields and it is likely to grow in the future. The pandemic has led to many problems and opportunities as well. The problems in supply and production have led to a need for better efficiency. It is likely to happen that robotic process automation is likely to expand in the coming year. Also, it will become the standard of tech in the business world.