COVID-19 Reopening: How is Apple maintaining the safety of its Employees?

Apple has always believed that technology can play a role in changing lives, and it can be an essential tool during this global pandemic.

The novel coronavirus has kept people away from the workplace, and Work from home has become the trend. Few of the renowned tech companies are introducing various approaches for reopening, although most of the employees are asked to work from home. According to reports, Facebook and Twitter plan to keep the majority of their employees away from the workplace, whereas Google is reopening at a slow pace.

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On the other hand, Apple employees are gradually resuming for Work at Apple Park in Cupertino. Hardware and Software engineers have returned in the first place. Now the question arises whether their safety is a concern. What are the safety measures adopted by Apple?

Apple mandates wearing face masks and undergoing temperature tests. Additionally, the nasal-swab analysis for COVID-19 has also been facilitated as an optional measure. Throughout Apple Park, new procedures have been introduced to keep a check on social distancing practices. Resting rooms and kitchens all over the campus are now closed, and there are limitations on the number of people entering the elevator. Although these measures have kept the returning employees safe to date, the concerned authorities need to incorporate further safety measures before all the employees can return. The numerous open-plan spaces can be re-modelled to increase physical separation among employees.

Additionally, reports also suggest that Apple is recently hiring professionals for creating cloud-based platforms and apps. Hardware products like iPhone and iPods have uplifted Apple’s fortune, and thus the company now needs to encourage its customers so that they use digital platforms like Apple Arcade. Apple is further employing technologists proficient in programming languages, which include C++, Java, and Python. The company is also looking out for experts in other standard technologies, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Apple Job Postings 

Data Scientist 41
Software Developer / Engineer 157
Network Engineer / Architect 52
Systems Engineer 45
Software QA Engineer / Tester 69
Senior Software Developer / Engineer 38
Performance Engineer 23
Firmware Engineer 16
iOS Developer / Engineer 18
Systems Integration Engineer / Specialist 15
IT Project Manager 14
Data Engineer 15
Software Development / Engineering Manager 13
Devops Engineer 9
Database Administrator 10
Application Developer / Engineer 9
Cyber Security Engineer 9
Technical Project Manager 8
Senior Java Developer / Engineer 8
Database Analyst / Developer 6
Application Support Engineer / Analyst 7
Build and Release Engineer 7
Automation Engineer 8
User Interface (UI) Developer 7

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Previously Apple employees were informed that Phase one of their reopening to their workplace would hold out throughout June. If everything falls in place, they will introduce Phase two in July when more employees return to the workplace. Simultaneously Apple warned that in case COVID-19 spread increases, the plans would change. 

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