Resume writing tips to help you get hired!

To make an effective resume, you must ensure that all key sections are present. A good resume can help you get your dream job. If you are ambiguous about what you should include in your resume, you are in the right place!

  1. Contact details are essential.

At the top corner of your resume, mention your full name, address, contact number, and email address. It would be an add-on if you have a LinkedIn profile, and you say it here. In case you are in a creative field, you must add your website link or online portfolio.

  1. Create a good Resume introduction

A good introduction is crucial to make a positive first impression. The way you begin your resume is equally important and depends on many factors, such as:

  • Your industry of the area of your work
  • The current status of your career
  • Whether you are a professional or a fresher
  • Specify if you are in the midst of a change in your career
  1. Experience section- heart and soul of the resume

It would be best if your experience section is achievement-oriented. You should shape this section so that the employers believe in your ability and understand that you can accomplish more rather than just complete tasks. Therefore, remember to write about your achievements.

  • Make the Education section presentable.
  • You should mention all your qualifications in this section in the order: most recent to the first.
  • Choose your skills
  • Include your skills best for the industry and position you are applying for. Also, you can mention skills valuable across industries.
  1. Industry-relevant certifications

You can include specific details or certifications that can make your resume ore convincing. However, you must make sure that these additions are relevant to the industry and the position you want. For instance, you can add publications, licenses, professional memberships, certifications, professional affiliations, awards, and recognition, etc.

# Tip: Remove the section: “References”. is one of the most common “Beginner’s mistakes”.

Further, there are resume formats followed across industries, and following specific tips for resume, the building will be of great help.

  • It would be best to write your resume on one page as a concise resume is focused and not complicated. However, if you have a robust list of achievements and experience, you can go for a two-page resume. More than two pages are generally not applicable but experienced academics, or other professionals can build such resumes if they require to list their publications or patents.
  • The order of the different sections in your resume must be according to your best selling point! If you have a more excellent experience, but the “experience” section above your education. However, if you are a fresher or have minimal experience, but the “education” section above your experience. Also, ensure listing your experience and education in a reverse-chronological format.
  • You must not make one version of your resume for all the job roles. Instead, customize your resumes for each application, depending on your target role. Also, choose the resume template according to the industry, and use standard font size, font color, and font style. Further, emphasis on your words is not professional, and hence, don’t write your entire resume in capital letters.
  • Do remember that a resume is different from a CV and therefore make your resume as concise as possible.

Grammar is another essential area you must focus on while writing your resume. Take care of the following:

  1. Too many personal pronouns should not be used.
  2. Spell the numbers in the content of your resume.
  3. Adverbs do not resonate well on a resume.
  4. Ensure that none of the words are misspelled.

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A few more essential tips will make your resume more professional:

  • The email address you mention should be a variation of your name. Also, college email should not be used.
  • Be honest about your skill-set, qualifications, and experiences.
  • Marital status is not required.
  • Age can be defended if you are worried about age discrimination. So, you need not mention your graduation or other qualifications’ date of completion.
  • Mix your interpersonal and technical skills.

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