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What’s the biggest problem an agency recruiter can solve when hiring for your IT department?

If you had to name one aspect as your biggest headache recruiting, what would it be? This is true that the responses that differ based on the size of the organization you are recruiting or the type of positions you are hiring for. But, most recruiters will gravitate to certain rising obstacles in recruiting.

The biggest obstacle for recruiters is connecting with candidates through the noise of all the other 2000 recruiters trying to reach the same candidates. The solution is to build a strong employer brand that lets great candidates chase your business, rather than the other way around. The objective is to show candidates how your business can help them find purpose and grow their careers. Thus, if they do any research after you reach out, or click through a connection that you sent them, they can get a sense of what makes your brand successful — encouraging them to react.

Nearly all candidates deliberately seek a variety of opportunities. You have to make extra effort to persuade passive candidates to select your company over your competitors. Until approaching a passive candidate, study what motivates them in their careers and what makes them happy. Customize your sourcing emails with this knowledge to describe what you can offer them, instead of what they can do for your business.

Make a great experience in the interview. When an applicant chooses between several offers, the interview is always the determining factor, with 65 percent of applicants stating they lose interest in the position because of poor interview experience—holding applicants in the loop after the interview is essential to prevent them from getting dissatisfied and refusing another bid. Please provide a clear timeline for when you should expect them to hear from you, and provide regular updates to inform them that you have not forgotten about them. If you want to give them the job, they will have nothing but good feelings towards your business, raising their chances of accepting it.

A professional shortage of labor is one of the main problems. The deficit will most likely continue and manifest itself even more dreadfully in the coming years. Using data to identify the best recruitment spots is an excellent option. Using systems such as ATS, Google Analytics, or the recruitment marketing app, you can store data and submit helpful reports. You don’t have to track every recruiting metric that is there. Have a chat with senior management to decide on a few metrics that make sense for you and your company.

Perhaps one of the significant challenges of all time — working out how to assess and interview applicants to see if they can do the job before they are recruited. Use a resource for testing skills online. There is a range of tools out there that will help you check everything from applicants’ technological competence to their soft skills, actions in the workplace, and suit. These evaluations make it easier to objectively evaluate applicants, thereby helping you minimize any prejudice that can enter your hiring process.


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