Tips for a healthy lunch while working

Tips for a healthy lunch while working

Aim for a healthy lunch while you are tied to the desk

Nutrition counselors have noticed that lunch is the forgotten meal. Most people focus on breakfast and consider it the most essential. Furthermore, dinner becomes the most important meal in a day. However, do you know that lunch should make up nearly one-third of the daily nutrition you consume? People neglect their lunch due to work or skip their lunch too. Most of us multitask while having lunch, eat at the desk, or have food while traveling for work. Other than such action, we do not pay much attention, and hence we just tend to have a quick bite such as crackers and soup or a slice of pizza.

Adjust the portions as per your energy requirements

You must ensure a balanced meal for your lunch to shape your everyday nutrition intake and increase your concentration alongside boosting your energy for the rest of the work-day. Moreover, lunch helps you curb your evening hunger or cravings, which mostly creep up during days we fail to take lunch. While you pack lunch for work, keep in mind that you must include starch, some lean proteins, and, most importantly, half your meal should come from vegetables. If you still feel hungry, add yogurt, or some fruits to finish your meal for lunch.

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Practice Mindful Eating

You must savor your meal, keeping yourself away from distractions. Such practice helps you become aware of the nurturing opportunities alongside respecting the inner wisdom. It is an art of being aware of the present and our reaction towards other people, stressors, and feelings. Your senses become more active in choosing to have food that is nourishing as well as satisfying.

Maintaining a diet during office hours becomes tough

While we work and our stress levels increase, we tend to cash-in on junk food or snacks like chips and biscuits. However, you should keep track of the amount of junk food you are consuming in one go. It would be best if you pack home-cooked food to cut down on junk. Fresh food is much more nutritious, and essentially, your hunger is satisfied. If you binge-eat home-cooked food in decent proportions, you need not be conscious about overeating too.

The water bottle at the desk is the savior

Staying hydrated is the key to maintaining a good metabolism. Water is devoid of calories and helps you remain fresh and energized throughout the day. Working in offices with air-conditioners makes your skin dehydrated, and hence, drinking plenty of water is vital to retain its hydration.

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Are you aware of the seven-step plan?

  1. Pick a carbohydrate as the base.
  2. Add a decent portion of salad vegetables.
  3. Choose certain flavor-foods like olives.
  4. Include a dairy item such as cheddar slices.
  5. Choose a slice of meat or a vegetarian option like chickpeas.
  6. Add some herbs like basil or coriander.

Lastly, you can include a dessert which may be a fruit, some cheese or yogurt.

Taking healthy lunch helps in overcoming binge-eating and cravings. So, keep a check of your nutrition and do not skip lunch.


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