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Is spontaneous creativity going down by working from home?

Due to this COVID 19 and lockdown, many organizations have to shift their work to remote working. Remote working is the new phase in the routine business life. The regular pattern of the workplace may kill creativity because it involves getting out of the comfort zone and trying new things. The problem employees used to face was to sit in the same place. The workplace environment was not under their control.

What changed?

Now, employees get a chance to work anywhere at their comfort level like a garden, balcony, their favourite table, etc. instead of sitting in the same office chair. On the other hand, it may have a negative impact due to lack of collaboration, brainstorming and group discussions. All of these are vital to generating creative ideas among the employees.

What’s missing?


During remote working, less or no feedback is shared. And if there’s anything helps to think more and bring in better ideas then its feedback. It also allows us to think out of the box and generate creative ideas. Furthermore, remote working makes it a difficult task for colleagues to interact. The attitude of “we” is missing during the idea generation. Remote working may lead to being disconnected from colleagues.

More disadvantages or advantages?

Remote working shifts the mindset of employees from “working under the boss” to “working for you”. It also helps to avoid stress which occurs during travelling so long to get to the office and continue the work. Employees feel fresh while doing their work at home.

They get more time to think creatively. The most crucial part is about the dress code. Employees may not tend to wear formal attire; instead, they can have their comfort level clothes and work. Remote working allows us to be digitally creative, like choosing the excellent template for your PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Work from home means advantages, here’s how

Remote working enables employees to keep aside the disturbances from their colleagues, pressure from the boss and create a time to think without the pressure. It also avoids the spam of your creative ideas. It allows you to look behind the four walls of the office.

Unlimited talent

Moreover, the organization may get a massive benefit from remote working since they can get a vast pool of talents from anywhere around the world. There are no geographical limitations to find great talent.

How to re-enter the workforce after time away?

Excellent management

Time management would be excellent in a remote working system since employees used to be late due to traffic jams. It used to have a negative impact on the employees like a late mark, loss of energy, etc. Now they can use this extra time to think more creatively with a fresh mind.

Increased productivity

Employees’ productivity will not be decreased even if they are sick. They can at least work for half of their day instead of taking a leave for the whole day. Organizations can have full productivity by offering day time and night time jobs.

Not a single hour would be wasted in completing the work. The climatic conditions and any political interferences will not affect the productivity of the employees as well as employers.

What do we conclude?

It can be concluded that working from home does not kills or brings down your creativity in any way. In fact, there are certain other advantages to it. If you think that we have missed any point or benefit of remote working then you let us know by commenting below.

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