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The latest technology is heading over some of the professions, making them disappear

The COVID 19 pandemic has bombarded many jobs and risked economic balance of people. As the fallout triggered the safety of having a job is out of the demonstration. Few jobs are certainly just affected by the pandemic, but there are some which have reached their saturation point, and no growth beyond for it.

Here are some of America’s fastest disappearing jobs ranked on the fundamentals of the percentage decline in employment since many years back. Such positions weren’t considered as they didn’t fall under the Standard Occupational Classification System.

The newly elected president – Biden has come up with possible plans as The Biden administration. In this situation, there are several kinds of occupations that might undergo steep employment declination due to their falling demands. Also, the need for human labour is not very much required now due to the advancement of technology.

Postal service mail carriers

Now due to the online payment mode method, people usually don’t rely on emails to be dropped at their house doors. Since 2001 there has been a significant fall of volume in the main arena, and nothing has improved ever since.

Postal service clerks

As the mail volume rate dropped out, so did the need of postal service clerks. It not just cut the USPS budget but also the citizens tend to rely on programmable software that is stepping into the shoes of the jobs of postal clerks.

Executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants

The task of secretaries and assistants has been leveraged to computer software and artificial intelligence due to the upgrading technology. The work is done more efficiently and is easy to carry out in small magnitude of time. The traditional task of scheduling and document preparation is run by emerging modern techniques rather than human efforts.

Drilling and boring machine tool setters, operators, and tenders, metal, and plastic

Again automation is the main driving force that has to lead to the decline of such jobs at a very high percentage rate. Managers rely on computed program and CNC to get the job done at low prices.

Milling and planing machine setters, operators, and tenders, metal, and plastic

The primary purpose of this job is to activate and set up machines which are used for milling and planning into plastic or metal workpieces. But, yet again automated and programmable computers and devices have overtaken this occupation and thrown American workers off guard. There is a massive decline in the wages of workers who are still working in this sector of employment.

These entire jobs educational requirement is a high school diploma or some equivalent to getting an entry and be employed in this sector of occupation. But the main question is, is it enough and will it ever be? The emerging modern technology stands a hold over various jobs and professions. Look out for yourself now!

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