How to survive in the COSPLAY business

How to Survive in the COSPLAY Business

With the development of cosplay culture, more and more people are understanding and joining the cosplay ranks, and a small number of people have even become professional cosplayers. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the following points.

  1. Don’t fall in love with your peers unless you can guarantee that you’ll always be together.
  2. Don’t offend your peers.
  3. Don’t pull people from other clubs.
  4. There are people in the cosplay circle for everyone.

5.Don’t believe the rumors in the cosplay circle.

6.The cosplay circle is like a jungle, only without the strife of interests.

7.Many words will make you lose.

8.In the cosplay circle, people can have no pride, but they can’t have no bones.

9.When you face a lot of difficulties that need to be solved, you will understand what it means to be in the “jungle”.

10.The cosplay world is complicated, but simple.

11.It’s best not to charge club fees, because it’s hard to solve when money is at stake.

12.Don’t offend the organizers, although many things are very unfair unless you can change.

13.The world of COSPLAY is not as “pure and straight” as the world of anime.

  1. Listen to the guidance of your seniors when joining anime clubs in college, because most of the college anime clubs (associations) are not real.
  2. Seeing is believing, hearing is not believing.

16.Some things are not told to you, but you know them on your own initiative.

17.Expectations and reality are often inversely proportional.

18.A good president has to take the initiative to seek out your club members, and a good club member has to take the initiative to seek out your president.

19.As president you have to understand that the club is not yours alone, and as a member you have to understand that your position is equivalent to that of a vice club.

20.Go to anime stores and anime bookstores often, you will get a lot of “stuff” there.

21.As the president, you have to be the first one to “take the lead”, and as a member, you have to take the initiative to find things to do.

22.As president, you have the right to expel members, but you have to be able to convince people of your ability.

23.The president is the number one pioneer in miscellaneous work, and the miscellaneous work is as important as the cosplayers.

24.Any “warrior” will probably be driven to become a “politician”. That’s what you have to face.

25.The president is often the first to break the club rules.

26.Most clubs don’t have rules, they just have them as a reference.

27.It is not the rules that bind the members, but the president and the members themselves. (The president plays a bigger role.)

28.You are not God.

29.The president and the members should understand each other.

30.If you still laugh when you see the above 29 rules, you are still a rookie. As the president, do not let your new members see the above 29, so as not to let them down, and this is what you have to face in the future.

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