The rituals of life - flowers

The Rituals of Life – Flowers

There are not many beautiful things that can be seen by our naked eyes, and flowers are one of them. If the fragrance of flowers is surrounding you at this moment, please cherish it, because it is a beautiful favor to you. If you want to send flowers to China, welcome to sammygift.

Flowers, perhaps, are born to women. If there is a moment when it belongs to a man, it is because it wants to reach a woman’s heart through a man’s hand. Women who love flowers have a field in their hearts. Happiness grows there, happiness grows there, pain and sorrow is also buried there.

The woman with flowers will not be alone, the beauty of flowers spread in her life, the long loneliness will be full of bright solace. People who love flowers are very kind, and kind women are the most beautiful. So every woman who loves flowers is fascinating. Women are like flowers, the fragility and beauty of flowers are the explanation of women themselves. Love flowers, you have to give time and effort, the existence of flowers to teach you what is the sweet burden.

The Buddhist saying “a flower a world, a wood a floating life”. A flower is a soul. Read the flower, you will no longer be difficult for yourself, read the flower, also understand the meaning of life. The clouds roll in and out, the flowers bloom and fall, the sun rises and sets, and life has meaning. The flower must be folded, not to wait for no flower empty branches. This is the flower to crumble to teach you how to cherish. A flower is a smile. See it you will be warm, smell it you will be sweet, flowers are a woman’s best friend, more intimate than diamonds. Every woman who receives a flower has had a moment of subtle heartbeat.

Flowers are a gift from nature. The fragrance and light of flowers from the sun and rain, whether growing in the garden, greenhouses or blooming in the wild, are the natural breeding. Picking a flower and shoveling a whiff of nature is the most beautiful way for modern people to cleanse their minds. Flowers do not speak, its language is hidden in the quietly changing flower bones. It will sing happily in the morning when it has had its fill of dew, and it will wink at the starry sky in the night when all is silent.

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Some people like bouquets of flowers, others like a single branch. Whether it’s the prosperity and bustle of a cluster, or the coldness and condescension of a single, it’s a beauty worth looking forward to. The world becomes beautiful when the eyes see more beauty. When you are sad and bored, you may give yourself a flower, put yourself in the flowers, what worries will dissipate.

The flower posture stretching, defeat calmly, the aroma of dense does not disperse. There are flowers in life, you can have a few more points of elegance.

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