Duties of an Automotive Sales Manager

What are the Duties of an Automotive Sales Manager?

Perhaps you want to pursue a career in Automotive Sales Management or you simply want to add another gem to your treasure trove of knowledge, whatever the cause or reason, this content is your key to gaining insight into the duties and job expectations of an automotive sales manager. But first, who is an automotive sales manager?

Who is an Automotive Sales Manager?

An automotive sales manager is tasked with supervising, motivating, and promoting a designated sales team to achieve rapid and profitable sales of cars and other vehicles. They typically take on managerial duties such as organizing paperwork, interviewing and recruiting talents and setting end goals.

They are often skilled in customer service and are great at creating and maintaining positive customer interactions. Essentially, they have great people skills. While some automotive sales managers sell cars, most are committed to developing strategies, promotions, and budgets that equip and motivate their teams to sell cars. You could say, they are the brains and driving force behind each car sale.

What Qualifications Are Required for Automotive Sales Management?

As a serious and critical role, automotive sales managers are required to have more experience and expertise than similar positions in the sales field. For one, they must possess skills needed in all managerial roles including an excellent grasp of Microsoft Office Suite — which is needed to organize meetings and schedules, plan and prepare budgets and manage forecasts.

A Bachelor’s degree (or an associate) in Business or Business Administration is typically preferred, though not all automotive sales manager jobs require this. They are also expected to have exceptional customer service skills, people skills, marketing, and negotiating traits, and other similar skills that maximize marketing and employment processes. In summary, here are top skills and qualifications that an automative sales manager should possess :

  • Customer Service Knowledge
  • MS Office Expertise
  • Automotive Sales Experience; a proven track record in sales management
  • Promotional skills
  • Relationship management (including emotional intelligence)
  • An Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Business or a related field
  • Excellent Oral and Written Proficiency
  • Negotiation and Deal Closing Skills
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail
  • Good Leadership Skills
  • Inventory control and management

The Duties of an Automotive Sales Manager

Essentially, an automotive sales manager incorporates strategies and carries out responsibilities that target customer retention and revenue growth. He or she regulates the performance of the sales team and establishes customer-inclined sales standards. Here is a list of duties that an automotive sales manager is expected to perform :

  • Set realistic goals and objectives to improve gross sales and manage expenses on a monthly and annual basis
  • Prepares and implements annual and monthly budgets to bankroll the automotive sales department operations.
  • Recruits, trains, counsels, and supervises new and existing employees to fast-track their growth and contributions to the company.
  • Supports salesmen to achieve monthly targets and close deals
  • Ensures proper staffing by directing and scheduling employee activities and workload
  • Conducts regular corporate meetings with sales staff
  • Conducts staff performance evaluations/ appraisals and effect rewards and queries where necessary
  • Monitor customer satisfaction ratings and address all customer complaints, suggestions, and inquiries
  • Manage retail services and help sales staff close vehicle purchase deals
  • Delegate duties to the sales team and encourage teamwork and bonding
  • Make inventory recommendations including equipment color, model, and brand
  • Handle inventory purchase, appraisal, and management
  • Ensure strict compliance and upgrades with Federal and State laws associated with automotive sales.


A job as an automotive sales manager is a rewarding, fulfilling, and tasking one. You have to earn certain qualifications and skills to perform the duties attached to the role. Ultimately, you need to be a hardworking, passionate, and service-oriented person to be successful in this role.

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