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Amazing Tips in getting just the Right Employee for your Business

With the advent of social media and the increase in unemployment and underemployment rate, one would think that finding and recruiting the right employee would be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, it is not. Funny enough, it is challenging because of the same high unemployment rate. Recruiters find themselves swamped with thousands of job applications. Thus, making it hard for them to sift through and choose the right employee.

Employees can make or break a business, so you need to be careful while hiring and recruiting, especially for a small firm. So here are some useful tips on how to find the right employee effectively and how to recruit them:

  1. Find out the exact requirements needed for the job.

This is the first step. Do not just go about hiring and firing; instead, find out what the job requires, the physical and mental tasks involved, and why the position exists. Do a job analysis to find out more about the job. This now brings us to the next step.

  1. Write an accurate job description.

One of the common faults of the hiring manager or whoever is in charge of the hiring process is that they do not give out a fitting job description. It would help if you gave out the exact thing you are looking for in candidates. You can only know what you are looking for after conducting the job analysis in the previous step.

You have to be specific. If you are looking for a computer genius, state it clearly. This will help cull out some of the unwanted candidates.

  1. Ask thought-provoking questions

Another reason why it seems challenging to find the right employee or recruit the right employee is that the interviewer does not ask the right questions. Do not only ask about this candidate’s years of experience, future goals, and all whatnot. Ask about their strengths, weaknesses, regrets, background, and salary expectations.

  1. Writing or placing an ad

You have to write and place the right ad to attract suitable candidates and discourage the rest using your job specification and description. Pull out the top four or five skills most essential to the job and list them clearly in the ad.

Note: Do not specify personality traits like outgoing and cheerfulness because people will likely lie about those characteristics. Instead, list only educational or experience-related qualities.

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  1. Ask other employees in the business

When searching for the right employee, you can also ask other employees to suggest someone they know who can fit the job. They could even tell you more about the job requirements that you might know. Employees are a well of information. They are essentially the life of a business.

  1. Check for compatibility

This comes during the interview. You need someone who will fit into your business like a glove, not someone who would stand out like a sore thumb. So, make sure to check their social skills and how they manage other people. You could ask their previous employer about these things. This is called a reference, which means that the candidate has to have a stellar reference from previous employers.

  1. Hire interns.

Many people might find this funny or weird, but it is a great way to recruit the right employees. This is because you already know their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, knowledge, commitment, everything about them. What else do you want to know?

Besides, hiring interns gives the company fresh pairs of eyes and eager ones at that. This improves the business’s productivity. You have already done the hard work picking these interns. Why not just go ahead and have them fill permanent positions?

  1. Test

This is another excellent method for hiring the right employee. You need to have the candidates complete an assignment that requires the skills they are being employed for. This proves that they are truly qualified and capable of carrying out the task ahead.

  1. Period of Probation

This comes after the hiring and recruiting of employees. The person or persons hired should be out on a period of probation. This is a great way to see how well the person fits into the business environment. You can also find out how they interact with employees and clients and their general productivity in the business.

Hiring is one of the most crucial parts of any business and should not be rushed. Take your time to learn  how to recruit the best employees suitable for your business.


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