What should a flower girl prepare

What should a Flower Girl Prepare?

In many weddings, the cute flower girl is never absent. In the wedding, in addition to the bride and groom, flower girl dress style should not be careless. After all, flower girl is a unique scenery line. So how should we dress up the little flower girl?

What style does the flower girl wear

When we buy flower children’s clothes, we should not blindly pursue adulthood. Flower children’s dresses should be formal without losing their innocence. Little girls usually choose a small white gauze skirt with shoes. Little boys are small suits. If the groom is wearing a tuxedo, it’s best for the boy flower girl to opt for a mini tuxedo, too. Try not to choose the girl’s dress for daily. Children love to be dressed up and they get excited by the opportunity to dress like a bride. This will increase children’s motivation and will look formal.

What color does the flower girl wear

In the choice of color, little boys and little girls flower children’s clothes are very different. Usually, the color of the flower girl dress should be chosen according to the wedding tone. Choose a dress of the same color or a white sarong with elements of the main color of the wedding, such as headpieces. You can also choose the same color and fabric as the bridesmaids’ dresses, which will be eye-catching. It looks like there are a lot of styles that you can choose from. However, try to avoid dresses with a lot of mixed colors. Because this will give a dazzling feeling and is not suitable for wedding occasions.

In considering the color of the male flower girl’s dress, we only need to look at what the groom is wearing. The groom wears white, the little boy wears white. The groom wears black and the little boy wears black.

Flower children clothes to buy or rent

Now many wedding dress stores have children’s dresses for rent. If the bride has high quality requirements, then you can choose to rent. This will ensure that the bridesmaids’ dresses and the female flower girl dresses are consistent. In addition, if you are going to invite a child to be your flower girl, my advice is to buy a dress for your friend. It will make the kids happy, and some mothers don’t like their children to wear rented clothes. Prettykid is a good choice if you want to purchase some cute flower children’s clothing or wholesale children’s clothing.

Size of clothes

What we have to consider is the length of the skirt of the female flower girl. We have to take into account the nature of children, who are naturally lively and active. Therefore, dragging or too long dresses are not suitable for flower girls. It is easy to trip over the child. A dress that is too short does not look dignified enough and is not suitable for a formal occasion like a wedding. In my opinion, the most appropriate length of skirt for a female flower girl at a wedding is at mid-calf.

Flower Girl’s Shoes

The male flower girl chooses the same color shoes as the dress. Female flower girls choose ladylike shoes with flat heels and soft soles.

Other Equipment

Besides the dresses, it is necessary to prepare some ornaments for the little girl. For example, garlands, head flowers, etc. These can make the wedding show unity and can make the child look more beautiful. It used to be popular to have angel wings for little kids, but I don’t think it’s a good choice. They are difficult for children to put on and are not suitable for walking. In addition, we need to prepare flower baskets as well as flower petals according to the number of flower girls. It is suggested that the flower basket can be prepared two more spare.

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